Is a drone a responsible gift for Christmas?

We’ve all been seeing more amazing aerial videos and photos online and on the TV this year, shot with drones showing us what our world looks like from a birds-eye view. From close-ups of high-octane sporting events, weddings, never-before-seen shots of wildlife, volcanic activity and previously inaccessible scenes of beauty, these new pieces of kit are changing the way we experience our surroundings.














Are we not joining in, as we don’t know the rules? 

Some of us have also been having fun with drones in our back gardens and parks already, now that the pricing of some consumer drones has become more accessible. We understand that others are apprehensive about buying a drone for themselves or friends and family, as there’s been some negative press around rogue and unsafe use of them around airports and, confusion around what the rules and regulations are for drone use.














The Huffington Post UK wrote, last month, about the huge growth in popularity of both consumer and commercial drones and highlighted the need for responsible flying, so as not to damage the opportunity for growth in the technology. “We need to instil a sense of responsibility, ownership, and safe usage without losing the fun element for those flying drones as a hobby.”


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‘DRONE’ – The CAA’s drone code and simple guide to safe use 

They remind us of the simple guide that’s already in place for us as consumers to remember when we’re buying and using our drones. “The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)’s Drone code, a simple guide to safe use, is in place for this very reason. The rules are straightforward: don’t fly near airports; remember to keep your drone in sight (realistically stay below 400ft); observe your drone at all times; never fly near aircraft; and enjoy responsibly. Neatly encapsulated in a DRONE mnemonic.” So, by remembering ‘DRONE’, we, our children and our other family and friends can easily learn the code and be safe and responsible flyers, enjoying the fantastic fun of flying and capturing the world around us.





















The joy of aerial photography

Talking of fun, the joy of capturing great photos is illustrated well in The Huff Post’s other blog on drone photography in Ireland. It shows some great examples of hidden gems in the landscape around us, such as an island that, from above, looks like Abraham Lincoln’s head! What local landmarks and views would you love to see and capture and see time and again?













For you thrill-seekers out there  

You never know, you or the next generation may even become an FPV (first-person-view) Drone Racing champion in the future? That’s the new high-octane sport taking the US by storm and coming to our TV screens this autumn. Think Star Wars pod racing, meeting virtual reality in a video-game, at 80mph. It may be the sport you want to watch or get into practice now for, with your very own drone this Christmas!?
















Affordable models for you to consider   

The Denver DCH-330 2.4HGz flying drone, at £49.99, has a built-in HD camera for up to 2 mega pixel photos and 720p HD videos. The gyro function and 30 metre range gives it stability and safety for beginner flyers, the 360-flip function and two speed options allow you to twist and turn, fast or slow, depending on how daring you are.























For those of you who want more range to flyer higher and further, the Denver DCH-600 2.4GHz flying drone comes in at £59.99, with all the features of the DCH-330, but is bigger and slightly tougher and has a range of 60-80 metres.




In both models just insert an SD card to capture photos and videos, download those photos and videos to your pc by USB and it’ll be easy to show off those new found skills this Christmas!

Do let us know what you think of our gift ideas and if you need any more information.

The 3wisemonkeys team

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