Looking for a flexible, multi-use gift?

I don’t know about you but I’m having problems choosing Christmas gifts for some of my ‘hard-to-buy-for’ family members. It’s always the same, seeing that funny put on smile on someone at present opening time. We still like to buy surprise presents rather than just work through a list, but it’s always a challenge to buy for those tricky loved ones. This year it’s got us thinking here at 3wisemonkeys of flexible, multi-use items that we can recommend, so your recipients will get as much use out of their present as possible.

We don’t want to see our gifts sitting in the box, gathering dust or even going back to the shop or on eBay do we! So, how about the Grouptronics GTMC-101 CD player as it’s really affordable at only £31.99, comes in piano black and in white, for those different décor tastes, is wall mountable or table top ready and can be used in any room, for lots of occasions. Here are some great ways your loved ones could make the most out of this gift this year…



GMTC-101 white 1 SL1500_






Get the boutique hotel bedroom look


We’ve supplied quite a few of these to boutique hotels who love how compact and sleek the players are when mounted on the wall along with a matching TV or wall feature. Hanging the player below your wall mounted TV is a stylish way to get the look and save on valuable storage and display space. Just use the remote control and stay in bed, no matter where you’ve placed it.




Dance around the kitchen without losing that counter-space

Do you love to boogie to your favourite rGTMC-Kitchen-adio station or much loved CD, while cooking up a storm and when no-one’s watching? The GTMC-101 is really compact and when hung on the wall in the kitchen saves on that much-needed space and can match your colour scheme in either the black or white options.




Party with your favourite playlists

GTMC--partyI love it when you’re having a party and everyone wants to get involved with the playlist. It usually starts with the popular CD choices, then on to a playlist that you think guests will enjoy from your MP3 player or smartphone. Then invariably as the party’s in full swing, your guests are all asking to play their favourite tunes from their phones! Well fear not, the GTMC-101 CD system can do it all with connections for MP3 players and phones.





Prefer a bit of quiet time?

GTMC-headphones-When the house is full with family or friends and you want to tune out when you’ve had a long day, or just want to keep the noise down, plug in your favourite headphones and zone out. The speakers can be detached to make the player easy to move around and just use the headphone jack instead.





Get up in the morning – no matter what


Which ever way you use the GTMC-101, you’ll be sure to get up in the morning with the built-in clock, lit up by a blue backlit LCD screen.  Whether you like to wake up with a loud alarm or with your choice of CD or radio station, just press snooze if you need a bit more time. You can also drift off to your favourite CD or radio station and the sleep function can automatically switch the system off at the time you set. How’s that for convenience?



I hope you like this Christmas gift suggestion. Let us know if you need any more information and happy festive shopping!

Sinead and the team at 3wisemonkeys

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