General returns procedure:

• With regret we are unable to offer an ‘in-person’ customer care or technical support service. The 3wisemonkeys address is a private one with no non-staff access, so we respectfully request that you don’t attempt to come on site to return goods/ask for product advice etc. Customer care/technical support is carried out via telephone/e-mail and returns can only be accepted via Royal Mail or other shipping agent.

• Whatever you want to return to us, and for whatever reason, we ask that you contact us to let us know you want to return goods, and to obtain an RMA (Returns Merchandise Authorisation) number, before actually sending anything back to us.

• The issuing of an RMA allows us to be organised when it comes to processing returns. It also provides a final opportunity for us to diagnose and correct any problem with the product (i.e. incorrect installation or configuration) prior to return. As returns can be costly for us and inconvenient for you, any needless return that can be prevented benefits both parties.

• All goods supplied by 3wisemonkeys are warranted free from fault for 12 months from the date of receipt by the customer (unless otherwise stated). This warranty does not affect your statutory rights as a customer.

• Where you are returning goods to 3wisemonkeys we recommend using a delivery service that includes proof of delivery and contents value insurance cover.

• Refunds or replacements will usually be issued within 48 hrs (in working week days) of our receipt of returned items. This may vary at busier times, such as the run up to and immediately post Christmas, but we will always endeavour to take no more than 5 working week days to handle a return from our receipt of goods to shipping a replacement/issuing a refund.

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Detailed returns procedure (specific to the reason for return):

Beyond these basic return procedures 3wisemonkeys return policy varies according to the reason for return. Please see below:

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Goods damaged in transit/incorrect goods issued/goods missing from package:

• Please briefly check your parcel immediately upon delivery and BEFORE signing the driver paperwork for receipt of goods.

• If the courier bag is damaged please make a note of this when you sign the driver paperwork.

• Especially if the courier bag is damaged but even if it isn’t it’s still really important that you check the parcel contents ASAP after delivery. This should only take a few minutes.

• We recommend you check that
i) you have not been sent an incorrect item or incorrect items
ii) you have everything that you ordered including all accessories as advertised
iii) nothing is obviously visibly damaged in any way.

• If your product is damaged on receipt, incomplete, different to what you ordered or any combination of these we allow 48hrs as a reasonable period within which you should notify us. This is why it it’s really important to check the package right away.

• Provided we are notified of any of the above within 48hrs of delivery (or slightly more depending on circumstance and at our discretion) we will arrange for return to 3wisemonkeys at our expense and we will issue a replacement or a refund if you prefer.

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Unsuitable/unwanted goods:

• We hope that you will be pleased with your purchases but if for any reason you find a product doesn’t meet your needs/expectations you are welcome to take advantage of our within 14 day return unwanted for refund window. Once 14 days have passed from the date of your receipt of the order we are no longer able to accept goods for return unwanted. For more information on your right to cancel and return please refer to our Terms & Conditions.

• For unwanted returns we don’t arrange or pay for return of goods to 3wisemonkeys, we ask that customers arrange and pay for their return. Instead of offering free of charge returns for unwanted goods (and then building this cost into our product and shipping pricing) what we do is keep product pricing and shipping charges as low as possible compared to competitors.

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Faulty goods:

• In the unfortunate event of any performance issue arising with your purchase, which means it needs to be booked in for return faulty, we will arrange for return to 3wisemonkeys at our expense. We will arrange and pay for the shipping of any replacement unit also.

• Where any performance issue arises with your purchase, which means it needs to be booked in for return faulty, we will offer the option of refund or replacement (whichever you prefer) where this occurs within the first 30 days following delivery of the original order to you. Where this occurs after the first 30 days following delivery of the original order to you we will only offer a replacement.

• We ask that we receive goods returned as faulty ASAP and within 30 days maximum of your being issued an RMA.

• On receipt of returned faulty goods technicians will examine them for the reported fault as a formality. Please as far as is reasonably possible be sure that your item is definitely faulty and that no fix can be suggested before you return it to us. Your product user manual should be of help in establishing fault and our technicians will be pleased to advise if not.

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Replacement procedure for goods returned as faulty/damaged/incorrect:

• Replacements will be exact like for like goods, unless we have a permanent or temporary shortage of stock.

• If stock is temporarily unavailable we will keep you informed of when more is expected, and if you are not happy to wait we will offer a comparable alternative or a credit.

• If stock is permanently unavailable we will offer a comparable alternative or a credit.

• When your replacement is ready to be issued 3wisemonkeys will contact you to arrange delivery on a working week day to suit you and to any UK delivery address.

• Delivery of replacements will follow the same procedure as original delivery of goods – for details please refer to the Delivery section of our Help pages.

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If you would like more information about the terms and conditions of this site please do not hesitate to contact us. If you have any queries with regards to your order, please email