Be safe on the roads this winter – with a dash cam

What’s the weather like outside your window right now? Here in Buckinghamshire it’s a bit grey and miserable, it’s been raining most of the day and we’ve all noticed a change in the temperature. The woollies are making an appearance! I know we’re British, but we promise not to get too negative about the upcoming winter weather here – we are also getting excited about the change of seasons, fashions and seeing friends and family at the inevitable round of festive parties and gatherings.

The weather this winter

Blog-6---car-cam-Image-1-welliesIn fact, we saw on the BBC this morning that the winter should be milder overall than last year, though of course it will be varied and changeable across the UK. The weather site concurs and predicts “an interesting pattern of a North Westerly flow that won’t be extremely cold, but with cold shots felt and also numerous warm sectors from the lows. So a mixed December looks likely, continuing the changeable weather theme we’ve already seen this summer and autumn.” Don’t hold the 3wisemonkeys to this forecast of course :), but the changeable and unpredictable weather we may be seeing has got us thinking of the products we can recommend to help keep you safe this winter.


Staying safe on the roads


We’ve also read on that the Department of Transport and road safety charities advise that surprisingly, the worse the weather, the safer the roads. They tell us that “periods of unusually good weather almost always have an effect of increasing casualties. This is because periods of good weather can often encourage extra trips, thereby increasing exposure.” By contrast, when driving with the risk of snow and ice, “they tend to slow down and take more care, thereby both reducing the risk of collision and mitigating the severity if and when accidents occur”. So the mild and mixed nature of the coming winter is one to be aware of when we’re driving.


Road rage on the rise


Not to labour the dangers of driving (too much!), but further research has also uncovered that the incidence of road rage has unfortunately increased in the UK. Perry’s motors article finds that “a massive 81 per cent of drivers in the UK have been victims of road rage at some point while on the roads, according to new statistics. The figures come from research undertaken by comparison site ‘Carwow’, which shows that in nearly half of road rage cases, angry motorists have followed drivers aggressively up the road. Not only that, but five per cent of victims reported that they had been physically attacked by other motorists, while four per cent said that their car had been damaged as a direct result of road rage.”

In car cameras – the benefits 


We think that driving to see friends and family over the festive period is an exciting prospect but we’ll certainly be taking our Nextbase in car camera along for the ride. The dash cam simply sits up on your car windscreen and records what’s happening for playback later. Not only do they help you in case of an insurance claim but they also can help to reduce your insurance cost. Our customers have given the Nextbase in car cams the thumbs up in hundreds of customer reviews on and rate them from 4.25 stars out of 5 to 4.75 out of 5, with some great comments on how they’ve really helped in difficult situations. The range comes with three different options, for varying budgets.


The Nextbase in car camera range

The Nextbase 202 Lite In Car Car Cam With Free 32GB Memory Card & Case at £68.99 records wide angle, at 120 degrees and up to 720p HD video. It has a large 2.7 inch backlit anti-glare LED display and comes with G-Sensor with auto save function on impact.

The Nextbase 302G Deluxe iN-Car Cam With Free 32GB Memory Card & Case, at £88.99 records wide angle up to 1080 HD with 120 degree view, has GPS for tracking your location. It comes with auto video save on impact and a large 2.7 inch backlit, anti-glare LED display.

The top of the range  NextBase 402G Professional iN-Car Cam Plus Free 32GB SD Card & Protective Camera Case coming in a £137.99 records wide angle at 140 degrees, comes with full HD 1080p video and a 3-axis G-Sensor. It has auto video save on impact, along with google GPS tracking and is an Auto Express 5* winner.

So whatever your budget this winter, we hope you like these suggested car cams, either for you or for a gift for a loved one. Happy driving and stay safe.

Do get in touch and let the 3wisemonkeys know what you think of our ideas, or if you need any more information.

The 3wisemonkeys team

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