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There’s lots of fanfare about Mothers Days in the month of March, quite rightly too; but we thought we’d have a look at some celebrations of the menfolk of the UK and some gift ideas to treat our valued men this Spring. We’ve got three major celebrations of men of old in the month of March that are very important to three of the UK’s regions. I’m sure we’ll be seeing lots of celebrations and good times around the nation, which also coincide with many a male birthday this month.














St David’s Day is today, the 1st March and is the National Day of Wales, celebrating St David the patron saint of Wales. St David was a Celtic monk who lived in the 6th century and who is said to have raised a hill he was preaching on, to allow everyone to hear him better. He was also said to have suggested that the soldiers wear leeks in their hats to distinguish them in battle and the leek, along with the daffodil, has of course become a national emblem.

Next is the lesser known St Piran’s Day on 5th March, which is the National Day of Cornwall and celebrates St Piran the patron saint of Cornwall. He is said to have discovered tin in Cornwall, after he arrived from Ireland at what he named Perran Beach. The flag of St Pirian is also the Cornish flag, a white cross on a black background and symbolizes the discovery of tin by him, as the white metal flowed from the black rock.

Finally, the biggest celebration is St Patricks Day on 17th March that marks the death of the 1st century patron saint of Ireland & Northern Ireland and sees huge celebrations all around the UK and indeed the world. The public parades and festivals, wearing of shamrocks or big green hats and of course the customary pint of Guinness or two, will be seen up and down the country. So March is a really good month, for any male loved one to have a birthday or special event, with so much celebration of our paternal historical figures happening.

What to buy the man who loves his records?3WM-Blog-gifts-for-men-VPR-130-1--

The Denver VPR-130 belt-driven retro turntable with radio and built-in speakers at £36.99 +P&P, comes in a chrome and wood effect giving it a smart yet retro feel. He can play his vinyl collection at either 33.3 or 45rpm, through the speakers or connect to an external hi-fi or amplifier and use headphones and the FM stereo radio as alternatives.

Does your man in mind like to listen on the go?


















The Denver BTS-200 vintage silver speaker at £35.99 +P&P, with Bluetooth, USB connection and built-in rechargeable battery will allow him to listen to his favourite sounds while out and about. Coming with a smart leather handle for easy transportation, he can play his music from his smartphone, MP3 player or PC either wirelessly via Bluetooth or through USB or aux-in connection.  The 2 x 5W RMS speakers, the Bluetooth range of 8-10 metres, 6 hours playing time on the built-in battery, he can entertain his friends perhaps on the fishing bank or the campsite this spring.

Could he do with a new alarm clock radio?


The Denver CRB–619 retro alarm clock radio, at £24.99 +P&P and with MP3 or phone connection and FM radio, could be a stylish gift for the birthday boy. Replacing that pesky phone as an alarm in the bedroom is becoming more popular, in our attempt to move away from that blue screen at night. The vintage style with retro chrome dials can take him back in time too and you can choose between the brown and black colour options depending on his style.


We hope the man in your life has a happy birthday or special celebration this month and that we’ve given you some useful gift ideas.

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