Capture the beauty of Spring

The snowdrops and primroses are starting to bloom, the green bluebell shoots are just starting to appear and the sun has been shining on us at last. We’re feeling very sprightly and energetic after a few days of lovely sun and warmer temperatures here at 3wisemonkeys and we’re looking forward to getting outside much more, for that valuable shot of vitamin D.



















We’re starting to hear more birdsong in the mornings and that dawn chorus of early nesting birds is a joyous sign that better weather is on the way. It almost feels like we’ve been in hibernation this winter, alongside our little furry friends here in Buckinghamshire. It’s been an enjoyable and very busy winter for the 3wisemonkeys, but we’re looking forward to the longer days and warmer weather as we’re naturally outdoor people, when we’re not busy being wise monkeys!



















We love getting out into the garden and woodland to see the local wildlife who’ve been in hibernation over the winter. The local hedgehogs, dormice, bats, butterflies and bumblebees are starting to wake up and come out of their self-imposed hiatus. Like us, they can sense the warmer temperatures and the flora and fauna that they’ll be needing starting to appear. We’ll be back out in the garden this weekend to set up one of our trusty wildlife cameras, to film some of these early signs of spring and to get some sun on our faces, we hope!


If you feel like doing the same thing soon, you could select one of the Denver wildlife cameras and leave the camera running while you’re off on a walk in the sunshine. Or while you’re in bed at night; you never know, you might just catch a critter coming out of hibernation. Whatever you do, just be careful not to disturb any of the wildlife you spot this Spring. Like us they probably won’t appreciate being disturbed whilst coming out of a long slumber!


The three Denver models we stock; the Denver WCT-3004 at £61.99, WCT-5003 at £71.99 and WCM-5003 at £99.99 are all really useful wildlife video cams at varying price points. You just leave the camera set up outside and the motion activation function which works up to 25 metres away, the automatic night vision and fast trigger speeds capture some amazing shots. They all feature an 8 megapixel camera and 1080p video cam and you can just click on each model’s link above to see more detailed specifications for each model. Here are a couple of the videos and shots we took with the Denver cameras last year, above and below.

Happy filming and enjoy the sunnier, Spring days.

Do get in touch with us at 3wisemonkeys, if you need any more information

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