Throw some moves while flipping those pancakes

Did you get involved in the kitchen on Tuesday night and impress the family with your pancake making and throwing skills? Or are you like us, waiting until the weekend to mix up a storm and experiment with American pancakes and all sorts of toppings? Whichever camp you fall in to there’s no better time than pancake time to have a bit of fun in the kitchen and to listen to those favourite, loud tunes while you fry and flip those creations.

How about playing Lionel Richie and singing along to ‘Oh what a feeling, pancake on the ceiling’ or to the Smiths ‘Pancake in the streets of London’? Oh dear, enough of the bad jokes, here are a few good quality music systems that look and sound great in any kitchen, ready for that boogie while you cook.


The Denver MCA-230 CD micro system in a glossy black and chrome finish, at £31.99, looks impressive and is so compact it will fit anywhere in the kitchen. The top loading CD player is compatible with CD-R and CD-RW discs and you can play music as standard, on repeat or programme up to 20 tracks to play in any chosen order. Connect an MP3 player, phone or iPod via the aux-in socket or plug in the TV or record player for enhanced sound. Other features include a PLL FM radio with 20 pre-set stations, a 24 hour alarm clock with snooze function and sleep timer, LCD display, remote control and headphone jack.


The Grouptronics GTMC-101 CD player also at £31.99, comes in piano black and in white, for those different décor tastes, is wall mountable or table top ready so can be positioned anywhere in the kitchen or diner. The twin stereo speakers can be detached depending on the space, the front loading CD player can be flipped open to play your favourite discs and the aux-in socket enables phone or MP3 connection, for a choice of your downloads. It comes with a built-in alarm clock so can be moved and used in the bedroom anytime too.
































The Denver DAB-43Plus DAB and FM digital radio in black is a compact little unit at 10.4 x 15.5 x 9.5 cm and comes in at £29.99 +P&P. It’s small enough to be conveniently placed in any nook and cranny in the kitchen but large enough for a good quality audio. With mains or battery power this compact DAB radio is really flexible and has an auxiliary connection for your MP3 and an alarm function for use in the bedrooms too.

Have fun in the kitchen this week, whatever you’re cooking!

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