Differences between the Nextbase SDV range and Click & Go range of portable DVD

Nextbase have worked tirelessly over the past several years to ensure that it has become the market leader in the portable DVD player market and more specifically the portable DVD player for car market. However within their product offerings are differing ranges of tablet DVD player and frequently we have customers asking what the major differences are and thus why the price differences.

This article will aim to underline some if not all of those differences between Nextbase current 2 ranges of portable DVDs… the SDV range (incorporating the SDV48,SDV48AM, SDV48AC, SDV49, SDV49AM and SDV49AC) and the Click & Go range (incorporating the Click 7 Lite, Click 7 Lite Duo, Click 7 Lite Duo Deluxe, Click 9 Lite, Click 9 Lite Duo and Click 9 Lite Duo Deluxe.

Nextbase Click & Go car headrest mount being fitted

Screen size & technology – SDV and Click & Go players feature both 7 inch and 9 inch players. The Click Lite range of players use LED technology for its screen where as the SDV range uses TFT LCD panel with LED backlight technology. However both players give excellent quality video and both give a very good viewing angle to allow users to watch the player, even when not sitting face on to the player. Both ranges feature very similar display resolutions… for the 7 inch players both ranges have a 480 x 234 resolution where as the larger 9 inch screen has a slightly higher resolution on both ranges… the SDV features a resolution of 640 x 234 where the Click Lite range has a higher specification resolution of 800 x 480.


Wireless headphones – the Click & Go range of players have a wireless audio transmitter built in to the player. Simply access the players set up menu to switch on wireless audio output and team the player up with a set of Nextbase wireless headphones. The Click & Go players use perfectly safe infra red technology for wireless audio transmission and the system works flawlessly when sat in front of the player and even up to approx 4-5 meters away from the player. The SDV range of players currently have no wireless headphone option at all.


Car headrest mounts – One of the greatest features of the Nextbase Click & Go players are the headrest mounts. The Click & Go range offer just that… click & go. Cables attach to the headrest mounts and not the players. The player slides horizontally on to the headrest mount and clips in to place… once in place the player powers up and starts to play the disc inside of the player. To remove, simply press the unlock button and slide the player horizontally off of the headrest mount. These mounts come in 2 varieties… that being the standard Velcro mount with 2 straps that wrap vertically around the headrest and the stanchion mount which clamps around the headrest pillow bars. The SDV range comes with a bag / case which has 2 straps that wrap vertically around the headrest mount and the player then slides horizontally in to the case. Any cables etc attach to the player and not the headrest mount.


Newxtbase portable DVD attached to car headresta

Crash tested – the Click & Go players have been painstakingly designed and rigorously tested to make them European crash tested and approved. The Click & Go players are the oly European crash tested and approved portable DVD range currently available at the time of writing this article.


Battery power – the Click & Go players do not as standard come with any battery pack at all, however a battery pack is not required if using the player in car or in home as they come with car power adapter and mains power adapters. The battery pack is only required if using the player away from any other power supply. Battery and headrest mount cannot be connected at the same time. The Click & Go battery pack gives around 3 hours on average playback time. The SDV range of players have an integrated battery built in to the player which gives around 2.5 hours playback.


The above are the main differences between the 2 ranges. Of course there are many similarities that we haven’t listed such as both have a USB port for attaching a flash drive to the player for playback of movies, music or photos… both can come as a single screen system, main player with slave screen system or twin DVD system. Both have anti-shock functionality built in, both have resume feature so that the player resumes playing a disc from where it was last at if the player was powered off, both have audio / video output and input etc.

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