Differences between the Nextbase Click & Go Professional and the Click & Go Lite range

Nextbase have several ranges of portable DVD player units all with different feature sets. The current main ranges are the Nextbase SDV range and the Nextbase Click & Go range and both are targetting the portable DVD player for car market.

The Click & Go range then have 2 major subdivisions… these being the original Click & Go Professional range and the new and latest Nextbase Click & Go Lite range. This article focuses on these two ranges and the difference between them. Below are those differences:

Player size – the original Nextbase Click & Go Professional range is the more compact out of the Professional and Lite range. If we take the Click 7 as an example the Click 7 Professional player is 196 x 160 x 30 mm where as the Click 7 Lite is 222 x 160 x 44 mm. This makes the Professional player 2.5cm shorter and 1.4cm thinner… which for such a small player makes the Professional player quite a bit more compact. Along with being smaller the Professional players come as a more robust, solidly built player in our opinion.

Ease of use– both players work in very much the same way in most facets. One way however where they do differ is how the disc is inserted in to the player. With the Professional player you press a button on the top of the player to release the screen which then swivels down and the disc sits directly under the screen as seen here:

Click 7 Professional open for disc

… for the Click Lite you press the button on the top of the screen and the screen flips down in exactly the same way, but then you must release the DVD lid to open the disc tray to insert the disc, as seen below:

Click 7 Lite open for disc

Features – both model ranges are very feature rich including being the only European crash tested and approved models available, having an infra red wireless audio transmitter built in ready for wireless headphones, both have USB ports built in for reading your DivX movies, MP3 music or JPEG photos from USB flash drive etc … however the Professional range also has a memory card reader built in where as the Lite range does not.


Included accessories – here the Lite range as standard comes out on top as the Professional players come with the Velcro headrest mount whereas the Lite range for UK models includes the stanchion headrest mount which as a general rule we believe to be substantially better. HOWEVER… we at 3wisemonkeys now also include stanchion mounts with the Professional players as a free special offer which means when you purchase the Professional range you get both stanchion and Velcro headrest mounts… very handy if you have 2 cars!


Player cost – The Lite range is substantially lower in cost compared to the Professional range … which is never a bad thing.

The above are the main differences we believe between the two ranges. As for picture and audio quality etc we find very little difference between the 2 ranges.

Nextbase Clikc & Go range of portable DVD players

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