Action cameras ‘in action’ – Brands Hatch Race Day

Have you seen those amazing videos popping up everywhere on TV & the internet recently, of skiers, cyclists, skate-boarders, surfers (you name it) pulling off some impressive (or sometimes just plain hilarious) manoeuvre? While contemplating your own action adventures this year, have you been thinking about investing in an action camera to capture and share those exciting times, but are not sure where to start with choosing and maybe think high pricing could put them of reach?Blog3-Photo1PS

Well whether you’re off to a skate park, on a bike ride or planning your family holiday, we can vouch for the fact that filming an outward-bound experience on an action cam is not only a fun thing to do, but when shopping with 3wisemonkeys a purse/wallet-friendly one too!

In fact, the guys here at 3wisemonkeys recently tried out some of our Denver action cameras on our team building race day at Brands Hatch race track, to see what achievements (and amusing blunders) we could capture at high speeds. The day started with an exciting/nervous run through of the workings of the iconic Caterham R400 track car, that we were told was banned for being ‘too fast for racing’. Wow, we were certainly in for a fast ride but were happy to put our trust in the SW Racecar hire car team: motorsport professionals who love the sport, actively compete, and who put us at ease as we set off.Blog3-Photo2PS


We were so impressed with the whole experience and the videos and shots we managed to capture, we thought we’d share a few here and show you what even the more entry level Denver action camera models can give you. You don’t need to spend hundreds of pounds to achieve great images and footage like this, it’s in reach even if your budget doesn’t stretch very far. So, off we went, taking it in turns to get behind the wheel of this 6 speed gearbox speed machine, with thankfully a full race cage and with one of our Denver action cameras mounted, ready to roll! Gripping the wheel hard, forgetting we were on camera, we had the time of our lives. Buzzing around the track at speeds of up to 116 mph, we had the cameras capturing our reactions and the track ahead.

Here’s the Denver ACT 1302T in action track-side, at only £29.99 it’s a great beginner’s camera.

The Denver ACT 5000W action camera at £49.99 comes with 8 megapixels and 120 degree wide lens and shot the next track-side video here. 

We managed to capture some on-car entertainment with the Denver ACT 5020TW action camera, which comes in at £59.99 and with lots of colour options you’ll see further below.

The Denver action camera range all have a remote control, so functionality is at your fingertips, vital when you need to focus on your chosen activity as much as possible. The weather was fine, but if not it wouldn’t have mattered as the Denver action camera range all have a waterproof case. All the range comes with HD video up to 1080p, is waterproof from 30 to 45 metres, and feature camera megapixels from 5 to 16. Most are Wi-Fi enabled with a smartphone app and all come with handle bar, helmet and caption suck mounts, so they’re set-up all ready for action.Blog3-1300PS1-

3wisemonkeys offer seven different action cams for you to choose from, from the Denver AC 1300 model above at only £19.99, to the Denver ACT-8030W action camera below with all these top specification features at a very reasonable £61.99.Blog-3-8030-1-

The Denver ACT-5020TW model at £59.99, even comes in all manner of colours, choose from black, yellow, pink, blue or white. Ideal if you or an adventurer you know has a colour preference, that needs to be satisfied at all times!Blog-3-5020-1-

So what are you waiting for? Grab your Denver action camera, head out on an adventure of a lifetime, and capture some fun memories for you and you loved ones to share and treasure.

Do get in touch and let the 3wisemonkeys know what you think of our idea for your next action adventure.

The 3wisemonkeys team

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