Summer Fun – With our Top Multi-Media Gadgets!

Now the sun is finally out, are you getting outdoors to enjoy the sunshine with friends and family? The 3wisemonkeys have compiled a fun and interactive collection of our most popular and inspired gadgets, that you can use whether the sun is shining or not! Our 6 selected ideas are also our top ‘purse-friendly’ summer gadgets and include something for all the family and a wide variety of tastes. Jump in, ‘have a play’ and let us know what you think!

Are you heading off on a family road-trip soon and wondering how you’re going to keep the kids entertained, whilst keeping everyone safe? We’re all more likely to hit the UK roads this summer and we love the latest in-car entertainment system we’re using this summer. The Nextbase Click 9-lite DVD systems with the Click & Go stanchion and wireless transmitter makes it so easy to take in and out of the car on those stop-and-start journeys, with no messy wires in the way. It’s anti skip function gives smooth playback even on bumby roads and the USB port can keep the little ones entertained with music or photos if the movies don’t work. You’ll have peace of mind too, by utilising the patented headrest mounting system, the Nextbase Click & Go players the only European crash tested and approved portable DVD player systems. Enjoy the ride this summer!


We were at ‘Chilfest’, the 1980’s pop extravaganza in Tring this month and loved having a mess about with lots of selfie’s, too embarrassing to share here! Are you off to a festival soon, or a fun family get-together and want to make some memories with great group shots? With the SBT-10 Selfie-Stick, simply place your smartphone into the holder, extend the handle up to a metre, press the shutter button on the handle, strike that pose and click away! You’ll soon be in tears of laughter like we were at Chilfest and have the funny, summer memories to share with your friends and family.

Do you love the great outdoors at this time of year? What about the wonderful British wildlife that we’re so lucky to have wandering our public spaces, literally on our back door steps? We recently had some fun with our Denver WCT-3004 wildlife camera in our back garden and captured some great night time videos and shots of our local furry friends. The 1080p video and 8 Megapixel photo functions, with motion activation up to 25 metres, automatic night vision and fast trigger speed will allow you to see your local wildlife neighbours like never before. Who would have known what goes on out there under our noses!


Our WiseMonkeys are always making new resolutions to get fitter and to get out and make the most of the summer weather. What summer weather though, right!? We do still love to keep a track of our fitness levels whatever the weather, now we’ve started to use our Denver BFA-10C Bluetooth Fitnessbands. Not that we’re too competitive with each other! But we do compare notes which is an added motivation for those fitness resolutions we make. The fitnessband in black, pink or blue, fits round your wrist like a watch, tracks steps, distance, calories and monitors your quality of sleep time. Just download the free Denver BFA-10 app, pair it with your smartphone and you can also utilise the caller ID, SMS notification, find your phone, alarm clock and self-timer functions! Clever, or what?dch-330 drone 1 71ad36U2J2L._SL1000_

Have you replaced your kite with a drone yet? It may sound like a mad idea, but we really have found a growing demand for our Denver DCH-330 2.4Hz flying drone, from all sorts of people and ages. The outdoor fun is endless, just imagine seeing the world from a bird’s-eye view. We’re lucky enough to be right near the Dunstable Downs and Ivenhoe Beacon and love to see the beautiful chalk hills and chalk lion from the comfort of our picnic chair! The built-in HD camera allows you to take great photos and videos from up above by remote control, and the gyro function gives it stability making it easy to use. It’s great fun too with up, down, forwards and backwards controls and a 360 degree flip function so you can watch it twist and turn in the sky. The two-speed option means you can fly fast or slow depending on how daring you feel and it has a range of approximately 30 metres. Fun for any adult age and technical ability!


We can’t forget about the kids in our top recommended products; we’ve catered for us big kids after all! With so many fun, summer parties and picnics on the way, how about a great value kid’s entertainer that they can use themselves and leave you to keep the jelly and ice cream and smiles flowing?! Our lightweight Denver TCK-50 multi kid’s karaoke sing along CD player is really easy to use outside in the sun, with the battery power option. The party-goers will love to sing along together with twin microphones and separate microphone volumes for little and big kids, and the fun multi-coloured design makes them feel that it really is their toy and party entertainer, all their own.

Do get in touch and let the 3wisemonkeys know what you think of our ideas for the summer!

The 3wisemonkeys team

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