Our wildlife friends – through the lens

Have you ever wanted to know what the all the wonderful wildlife outside your house get up to while you’re asleep? How do they live, forage, move and sleep and how do they interact with their kind and other creatures of the night?


Our friends at The Wildlife Trusts who we’re very happy to sponsor, recently drew our attention to Charles Foster’s book ‘Being a Beast’. He writes about how he and his son spent six weeks living like a badger, sleeping in a dirt hole and eating earthworms on a Welsh hillside, to know what it was like out there. From crawling around rocks and roots, tunnelling earth and sleeping in a set they dug out themselves, to experiencing all the musky smells of the local voles, otters and foxes – it sounds like a tough experience to go through!


It got the team here at 3wisemonkeys thinking about how lucky we are to experience the sights and sounds of our local furry friends, out in the wilds where we all live in rural Hertfordshire.We’ve really got into filming videos of our friendly foxes, the odd muntjac deer, owls and badgers while we’re snoozing away. We’re using the latest Denver WCT 5003, and the Denver WCT 3004 wildlife cameras which come with 1080p video, 8-megapixel photo functions, motion activation up to 25 metres, automatic night vision and fast trigger speed.


We’ve captured a confident fox striking a pose for the camera, a muntjac deer having a real forage on the forest floor and an owl giving us a good stare down the lens. Have a look at the videos here.

It’s amazing to see them all moving about, interacting and living their lives as they do, with us having a secret, unobtrusive look into their night-lives.

If you get the chance to try them out, we hope you have as much fun with the Denver wildlife cameras as we are and get an easier insight into your local wildlife than Charles and his son did!

Do get in touch and let the 3wisemonkeys know what you think and any questions you have.

The 3wisemonkeys team

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