Will multiregion DVD players play region 1 NTSC films on PAL TV?

We have had several customers ring us up and ask whether an NTSC film would play on their standard UK TV using one of our multi region DVD player units even though their own TV is PAL and not NTSC … where as the discs they have purchased might be from US, Australia etc so are from a different region as well as being NTSC discs. Our short answer is yes… a more complete answer explaining the differences and why it will work is below.

As a very basic breakdown NTSC films are created to play at 30 frames per second and made up of 525 lines making up the entire picture that you view. A PAL film is 625 scan lines but only 25 frames per second. Also the colour information in those films is transmitted differently.

Image showing PAL and NTSC TV screens

PAL is the standard that is used generally though out Europe and parts of Asia, where as NTSC is US and Canada. (There is also a third standard SECAM which is mainly used in France and Eastern Europe).

All of our multi region DVD player or region free DVD player units are able to read and decode both PAL and NTSC films and output them to your PAL TV. If you have an NTSC TV that’s also no problem as our multi region DVD player units can output an NTSC signal too. Most of the players are auto sensing which means they can see whether your TV is NTSC or PAL and adjust the outgoing signal to suit.

With regards to mains power if using any of our region free DVD player items in another country that’s also no problem as these units have auto switching mains power supplies allowing an input voltage of 100 – 240 volts.

We hope that makes things a little clearer and answers the fundamental question of whether these multiregion DVD players that we at 3wisemonkeys stock will work and play your non region 2 movies on your standard TV.

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