What's the difference between 2 Nextbase Click & Go players Vs a Duo Deluxe set?

Customers sometimes ask why they shouldn’t simply purchase 2 individual Click & Go portable DVD player for car units instead of the pre-configured Nextbase Duo Deluxe sets, are there any drawbacks? The short answer is yes there are drawbacks to creating a twin DVD player system in this way, the longer explanation is below.

There are 2 main drawbacks of purchasing 2 individual players with the Nextbase Click & Go range… the first being the headrest mounts. With the Click & Go range, because the cables connect to the headrest mounts themselves rather than the player (for the easiest possible addition and removal of players in and out of the car) and to minimise the amount of cable trailing around the car, the headrest mounts come designed specifically for one side of the car or the other. This means the mount that is included with the boxed player, designed for the passenger rather than drivers seat, has the socket located on the right hand side of the mount allowing the socket to be located in the centre of the car (rather than the outer side of the car, on the door side). This allows the socket on the side of the headrest mount to be closer to the second player on the drivers side & its headrest mount, plus will be closer to the car cigarette lighter socket where the players are powered from which is usually located in-between the drivers and passenger seat.

Image showing where the Nextbase yoyo cable connects to the Click & Go hedarest mount

If you then use a passenger side headrest mount (as included with each player) on the drivers side of the car the connecting socket located on the side of the stanchion mount will be located on the outer side of the seat close to the door. This then means that you will have to have a cable trailing all the way across the seat to reach the headrest mount socket on the driver side, plus depending on how far apart your seats are the cable may simply not reach.

The second drawback of ordering the players separately is that all twin portable DVD player sets that we supply come with a twin car power adapter. This means that both screens can be powered from a single car power socket. With the Nextbase Click & Go system the twin power cable, know as the yoyo cable, also allows the players to share audio and video if you want to watch a single movie across both screens. When purchasing 2 individual players no yoyo cable is included.

Image of the Nextbase cYoYo cable that connects two Nextbase Click & Go players together

To make 2 individual Click & Go players the same as the Duo Deluxe set then you would need to purchase a drivers side headrest mount plus a Nextbase yoyo cable.

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