What are DVD regions and what are multi region DVD players?

What are DVD regions?

DVD regions are a technique used by film distributors to control release etc of DVD discs around the world and a multi region DVD player is an ideal work around.

The world has been split in to 6 different regions to allow different movies, box sets, pricing etc to be specific to any one region. DVD discs are then encoded with a region code making them specific for an area in the world. You can see the world map below and which region relates to which country:

DVD region map

So you can see from the above we in Europe are region 2 thus all DVD movies, DVD box sets etc that you purchase anywhere in Europe are encoded as region 2.

So what does this mean for me and my DVD player and what is a multi region DVD player?

This means that these region 2 encoded DVD discs can only be played on a DVD player that is set also as region 2. Manufacturers, when theDVD players come out of the factories, set the player to a specific region. This is normally done via the DVD players software and is located on a menu that you or I cannot usually have access to. However sometimes with some players you can find out the required remote control button presses that bring up a hidden menu that allows the player to be set to a region. An example of this menu screen can be seen below:

Example of DVD region menu

If your player is set to region 0 your player is then a region free DVD player and can play DVD discs from anywhere world wide. This is very useful if you are travelling and purchasing discs in different countries or a box set that you want is only available in another region. You can find some DVD players sold as multi region DVD player units which means these players are set to region 0 ready to play DVD discs purchased anywhere world wide giving you total flexibility on what discs you play and from where.

A multiregion DVD player

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