Fitting a UK power adapter plug

Many times we find an item comes with a European power plug and these should have a UK adapter fitted. However in some cases, for what ever reason, this has not been fitted or a customer has removed it and needs to know how to re-fit it. This guide walks you through how to correctly fit or check that your adapter plug has been 100% successfully fitted.

With UK adapter plugs we find that there are either 2 screws holding the adapter plug closed, as per the below image, or sometimes there is just a single screw located in the centre of the adapter plug. Before fitting the adapter plug it is necessary to unscrew these and fully open up the adapter plug.

Attaching european UK adapter

Once the adapter plug is open press the European 2 pin plug in to place in the metal clip-in contacts located in the UK adapter plug… as displayed in the image below. When fitted fully the 2 European plug pins will usually clip in to place and be fully snug in the metal contacts located in the UK adapter. Important to note is that it is always necessary to open the adapter plug fully up as above rather than simply trying to push the European plug in to the UK adapter with out first opening the adapter plug. It is important that the 2 pins from the European plug attach / clip in to the metal clip holders in the UK plug adapter, as per below:

European Uk adapter attached

Once the 2 European plug pins are clipped in to place in the adapter plug simply close the adapter plug up and tighten up the 2 screws fully (i.e. those 2 screws that hold the UK adapter shut that were undone to start with at the start of this process) so that the adapter plug is 100% closed with both seams of the 2 halves of the adapter plug fully meeting. <p >The UK adapter plug will now be completely solid and the European plug clamped very firmly inside of the UK adapter and the European plug will not move around at all inside of the UK adapter if correctly fitted. There should be NO gap at all between adapter and European plug if you have a transformer plug (as per the black transformer plug in the image above)… unlike the incorrectly attached plug adapter shown in the very first image on this page where you can see a gap between transformer plug and UK adapter plug. You will find that when the UK converter plug and the European power plug are correctly fitted together the power adapter and power plug are butted up together completely.

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