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Google tells us that ‘well-being’ is defined as the state of being comfortable, healthy or happy and synonyms include welfare, health, safety, security, comfort, prosperity, fortune and happiness. We know that some of us can feel a little uncomfortable in these current times, maybe a bit uncertain of future welfare, security or safety and are perhaps losing sleep over some of our worries.

Trying to keep a positive frame of mind and remembering the wonderful things and people we do have and see around us in everyday life, is a way we try focus on good thoughts and to promote our own well-being. It also got us thinking of how we try to relax and get decent sleep patterns in when we’re going through periods of stress. We posted a blog all about the benefits of music a while back and music is certainly a great healer and helps to both relax and to lift our spirits and energy when needed.

Having the opportunity to utilize the benefits of sunlight is the other way we think we can boost our spirits and feel well and positive. There are hundreds of studies and articles on the benefits of sunlight and the release of the serotonin hormone, which is associated with keeping us calm and focused. It’s not always sunny here in the UK – to state the obvious – so we’ve been using our trusty sunrise alarm clock to give us a little boost each day. The theory being that a wake up light helps to simulate dawn when with the rising of the sun, our body produces serotonin the feel-good hormone. The idea being that our state of sleepiness and the melatonin hormone that makes us sleepy is replaced by serotonin and we are eased in to our days.


The Denver CRL-310 sunrise alarm clock wake up light at £29.99 +P&P is a great value gadget that features a built-in mood light and variety of nature sounds. You can choose to wake up in a calmly lit room with the mood light coming on at the right level for you, with 10 levels to choose from, 30 minutes before the alarm goes off. You can also choose from soothing natural sounds of a waterfall cave, forest bird calls or bubbling hot springs, set the radio on a soothing station to ease you into the day, or if you need a sharp kick to get you up set the buzzer. The go-to-sleep function enables you to peacefully drift off to sleep with a soothing light and the sound of your favourite radio station, switching off after 90 minutes. The round design looks great and the adjustable LED display clearly shows the time, calendar and room temperature. So this might be a little helper for you too, for those mornings when you’re just not feeling it.

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