Wake Up To Winter – With Sunrise Mood Light & Nature Sounds

Spring Forward, Fall Back. We wish we knew about that saying years ago when trying to work out when and which way the clocks moved around for Daylight Saving Time. It’s all done now, we’ve moved the clocks back, seen the darker evenings drawing in and immediately know we’re in Winter and Christmas is on its way, all too quickly! If you’re like us you may start to struggle with these darker winter days and need a bit of any extra boost in the mornings. Coffee is undoubtedly a godsend round here at 3wisemonkeys and we’ve all got dogs, who tend to either jump on the bed to wake us or make as much noise as they can to rouse us. We’ve all also invested in a Sunrise Alarm Clock with mood lighting and soothing natural sounds to ease us in to the mornings, before the dogs do their thing.


The effects of sunlight on mood levels are well documented, with many people suffering from mild or more serious seasonal defective disorder during the winter. The gradual sunrise light effect and the peaceful singing of the birds is certainly a favourite alarm setting in our house and seems to ease us in to the winter days nicely.

Here’s some more about the Sunrise Alarm Clock wake up light with nature sounds & mood light, CRL-310 by Denver, at £34.99 +P&P. We hope you find it useful too. 


The Sunrise Alarm Clock with nature sounds & mood light is the ideal gadget to ease you in to the winter days with it’s built in mood light and variety of nature sounds. You can choose to wake up in a calmly lit room with the mood light coming on at the right level for you with 10 levels to choose from, 30 minutes before the alarm goes off. Choose from soothing natural sounds of a waterfall cave, forest bird calls or bubbling hot springs, set the radio on a soothing station to ease you into the day, or if you need a sharp kick to get you up set the buzzer. Similarly, the go-to-sleep function enables you to peacefully drift off to sleep with a soothing light and the sound of your favourite radio station, switching off after 90 minutes. The contemporary round design will look great on any bedside table and the adjustable LED display clearly shows the time, calendar and room temperature. So, this could be the solution for you or your loved ones on those groggy mornings this winter. An ideal gift at only £34.99 +P&P.

Happy snoozing from the team at 3wisemonkeys 

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