Vintage Record Player – A Stylish Gift For Anyone, For Under £40

This week we’ve selected our favourite affordable gift idea at around a £40 budget, that suits all ages and tastes. We’ve picked out the Denver VPL-120 Vintage Record Player which comes in four different colours, black, blue, red and brown, to suit any décor and style preferences. At only £37.99 +P&P, here are 10 reasons it could be just the gift purchase for you.


What Makes The VPL-120 Vintage Record Player A Great All-Round Gift Idea?

  1. The vinyl revival is opening up the fun of vinyl records to all generations and many households have a stash of old classics in the loft, which the younger family members are loving too.
  2. For those new to vinyl, lots of music, new and old, is now available in the format online and in record shops, or old LPs can be picked up really cheaply at boot sales or charity shops.
  3. We love that playing old favourite records, even the 78 rpms, brings so much happiness to our elderly relatives. Seeing the memories coming flooding back is a lovely thing. This portable little suitcase player is ideal if they’ve downsized or have their own room.
  4. Most of us in adult age or middle age (hands up) love to dust off the first record we bought or the tracks we played in our teens and 20s. Going back to our youth is great fun isn’t it!
  5. Are you wondering what to buy that trendy teenager or young adult? Well the cool thing now is vinyl records, so they’re bound to love a fun portable record player, no matter what their particular music taste may be.


What Features Does The VPL-120 Vintage Record Player Come With?

  1. Just plug in and play your vinyl wherever you are. This stylish retro turntable comes in a vintage style suitcase for light and easy transportation.
  2. The triple speed option enables you to play 33.3, 45 and 78rpm vinyl and the record will automatically stop once it’s finished playing.
  3. There are two built in speakers, a line-out socket for external hi-fi or amplifier connection and a headphone jack for private listening.
  4. You can even connect it to your PC and record your vinyl onto MP3 or WAV files.
  5. Available in black, red, blue or brown, choose your favourite colour or the one that you know will suit your loved one’s style.


We hope you enjoy the VPL-120 Vintage Record Player as much as we do and have hours of fun with your family and friends too.

All the best, from the 3wisemonkeys team   

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