New Year fun – spotting our feathered & furry friends

Happy New Year to all our visitors and loyal customers. We hope you had a happy and healthy festive season and are looking forward to a positive 2017. After a little sluggishness at the beginning of the month, all of us here at 3wisemonkeys are looking forward to some new challenges and adventures this new year. One of the first ones will be getting involved in the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch from 28th-30th January.

It’s the world’s largest wildlife survey and helps the RSPB build a picture of garden wildlife across the UK. Can you tell a Chaffinch from a Greenfinch, or a Coal tit from a Great tit? Well with a free pack from the RSPB with all the pictures and descriptions of our garden birds, you’ll soon be able to.


You’ll also learn how to count them properly and by just spending one hour counting the birds and other wildlife appearing in your garden between 28th -30th January, you’ll contribute to the great conservation work the RSPB continue to provide. You may even become hooked on spotting and photographing our little feathered friends, like we are here at 3wisemonkeys.


We’re also looking forward to our annual January trip to the Natural History Museum, another inspiration to us here at 3wisemonkeys. We love the exhibits, the fun interactive activities and the whole conservation ethos and work the Natural History Museum continues to provide, free of charge.  We can’t get enough of their annual Wildlife Photographer Of The Year competition which is running now. The 2017 second round shots will be picked out soon, so keep an eye out for the amazing work from this and previous years finalists on their page – a few of which we’ve picked out here.



When thinking about inspiring wildlife photography, who can forget the fun 2017 calendar competition that the BBC’s Countryside show ran in the autumn and Dean Mason’s fabulous winning shot here of the water vole, ‘Berry Brunch’. This was definitely our favourite!


If you’re inspired to get out there and capture our feathered and furry friends, have a look at the Denver WCT-3004, WCT-5003 and WCM-5003 wildlife camera’s that we stock and use in our gardens here in Buckinghamshire. Not only can you capture great stills of all manner of daytime and night-time wildlife on the 8-megapixel camera, the 1080p video can capture them in action as you sleep.


The three models we stock; the Denver WCT-3004 at £61.99, WCT-5003 at £71.99 and WCM-5003 at £99.99 are all really useful wildlife video cams at varying price points, depending on how much you want to spend on a great new hobby. With all models, you just leave the camera set up outside and the motion activation function which works up to 25 metres away, the automatic night vision and fast trigger speeds capture some amazing shots. Just click on each model’s link above and you’ll see all the detailed specifications for each one. Here are some examples of what we’ve captured recently with our’s.

We hope we’ve inspired you to get outdoors a bit earlier than the Springtime this new year. We know it’s cold but our wildlife friends are still out there in droves for us to enjoy.

Wrap up and have fun!

The 3wisemonkeys team

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