Need help getting out of bed this winter?

How are you coping with these cold winter mornings? Are you springing out of bed even though it’s dark and cold, or are you like me struggling to switch the snooze button off and get up without any sun shining through the window? If so, we’re not alone and there have been a raft of articles lately with tips to make it easier for us to get up on these winter mornings. 

They all advise getting 7 to 8 hours sleep a night, not drinking caffeine or too much alcohol in the evenings, having clothes and coffee prepared the night before, and keeping a consistent sleep pattern over the weekends so ‘jet’ lag doesn’t set in during the week. They all also promote the use of light and calming sounds or music to ease us naturally into the day. Many of us are affected by the reduced levels of light in the winter and some suffer from seasonal defective disorder (SAD) which is a form of depression which is believed to be due to lack of sunlight. For anyone, reduced exposure to light can disturb our biological clock or ‘circadian rhythm’ and our sleep cycles which means poor sleep and lower mood.

So, we’ve collated a few of our alarm clock systems that we think may just help you and your loved ones get up and out of bed more happily this winter and beyond.


The Denver CRL-310 sunrise alarm clock at £29.99 is the ideal gadget to ease you in to the winter days with it’s built in mood light and variety of nature sounds. You can choose to wake up in a calmly lit room with the mood light coming on at the right level for you with 10 levels to choose from, 30 minutes before the alarm goes off. Choose from soothing natural sounds of a waterfall cave, forest bird calls or bubbling hot springs, set the radio on a soothing station to ease you into the day, or if you need a sharp kick to get you up set the buzzer. Similarly, the go-to-sleep function enables you to peacefully drift off to sleep with a soothing light and the sound of your favourite radio station, switching off after 90 minutes. The contemporary round design will look great on any bedside table and the adjustable LED display clearly shows the time, calendar and room temperature. So this could be the solution for those groggy mornings this winter.

Working out which sounds are best for you in the morning is a key trick to getting up and away when it’s cold. Music is often the best remedy and it’s well documented that if you have a noisy alarm or set the radio to heavy music you might really resent the alarm. If it’s a pleasant and soothing experience, one perhaps with classical or calming music playing, it should ease you into the day nicely. The Dreams ‘Sleep Matters Club’ recommends Norah Jones’ ‘Sunrise‘ as a great morning alarm for horrible, rainy, winter days.


A stylish glossy black radio alarm clock that fits the bill nicely is the Denver MCA-230 CD micro system at £31.99, with PLL FM radio and aux-in for MP3 connection. You can choose from your own CD collections and MP3 play lists, if you have suitable sounds there that you like to wake up to and you can play your tracks in your chosen order. Drift off to sleep calmly to the sound of your favourite CD or radio station which can be set to switch off automatically up to a time of 90 minutes. The time is clearly displayed on the LCD screen, the PLL FM radio has 20 preset stations and it comes with a 24 hour alarm clock with snooze function, sleep timer, remote control and headphone jack.


Finally, the Denver CRB-619 retro radio alarm clock at £14.99 comes in matt black or brown and with an MP3 connection via Bluetooth and a USB connector. It’ll look cool on any bedside table with its stylish retro design and allows you to tune into your chosen radio station with the vintage style chrome dials and preset for up to 10 FM channels. Play music wirelessly from your smartphone via Bluetooth or plug in your MP3 player through USB or aux-in connection.


The sleep timer helps if you like to drift off to sleep gradually to the sound of the radio: set the sleep timer for up to 120 minutes and it will automatically switch off at your selected time. Choose to jump out of bed with a buzzer if you must or, start the day gently as recommended, with the sound of your favourite morning music. If you’re still not quite ready to get up despite all the recommendations, ok, just hit that snooze button for a few more moments of shut-eye!

We hope that one of these selected alarm clock systems is the right one for you and your sleep patterns, or indeed for that family member or friend who needs that extra bit of help this winter.

Sleep well and happy dreams from the team at 3wisemonkeys

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