Metal Detecting – A Fun Family Hobby & Gift Idea

Have you been watching the fun BBC sitcom ‘Detectorists’ with Mackenzie Crook and Toby Jones and been tempted to have a go at detectoring yourself? Does the buzz of searching for treasure appeal to you or maybe a loved one? We’ve been wondering whether it’s the lure of treasure and striking it rich that appeals, or is it more the love of the outdoors and the hope of finding anything historical that keeps the hobby growing? An interesting article in the Guardian yesterday highlights both as a factor and also the growth in the number of women detectorists, making it a great activity for the whole family. They tell us that 2016 was a record breaking year for detectorists, with 1,120 treasure finds listed in the UK since the 1996 Treasure Act came into force. All you need to start out is a basic metal detector like our Denver MET-100 waterproof metal detector, at £27.49 +P&P and maybe a small spade and anorak and hat or your choice!

















(Image: The Silverdale Hoard, found in Harrogate, North Yorkshire in 2007)

You’ll also need to have asked for the farmer or landowner’s permission if you’re roaming outside your own property. The Treasure Act 1996 set out the rules which determine whether an important hoard is deemed as ‘treasure’ or ‘portable antiquities’ and whether a payment will be made to the finders or not. There’s lots of useful information online, on what you can and can’t do with finds and also a voluntary Code of Conduct, for any budding detectorist. So, whether you’re digging for treasure, or are just a history buff and would love to discover any artefact of a bygone era, metal detectoring could be a new hobby for you and the family, with great exercise thrown in too!


We’ve got the perfect beginner’s metal detector in the Denver MET-100 waterproof metal detector, at £27.49 +P&P

It’s a versatile metal detector, lightweight and easy to use, making it the perfect companion for beginner treasure seekers. The visual and sound indicators and the headphone jack gives you the option of crystal clear listening when searching in a noisy environment. The high sensitivity sensor has the ability to detect metals up to 12 cm beneath the ground. The discrimination setting differentiates between ferrous and non-ferrous metals enabling you to search solely for the more precious objects such as silver and gold, or include all metals such as iron and steel.


You can adjust the tuning to suit your surroundings and the 170 mm water-resistant coil means you can even search for treasure under shallow water, so don’t forget your wellies! The sound sensor has an adjustable volume and you can plug in your headphones if you’re treasure seeking in a noisy environment. There’s also a visual sensor that will indicate when metal is detected so you really won’t miss a thing.



The Denver MET-100 waterproof metal detector operates on 6 x AA batteries (not included) a hasnd a low battery indicator to give you advanced warning, so you don’t set out unprepared. The adjustable stem can be set to suit your height and the built-in arm support can give everyone hours of comfortable treasure hunting!

Happy detectoring, from the team at 3wisemonkeys

(Sources: The Guardian, BBC News, The Detectorist website, GOV.UK)

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