A new easy, private, family-friendly photo sharing gift

Have you heard of the FRAMEO private photo sharing app and Social Photo Frames as yet? They’re the new, private and family-friendly way to share precious moments with loved ones, in real-time anywhere in the world and without anyone else ever seeing them or an organisation storing them. Do your parents hate constantly having to log into the PC or tablet to check emails or social media, but love to see photos of their grand kids? Do your friends and family who live overseas say the main thing they miss is seeing the kids’ special moments and seeing them grow over here? An ideal gift for them this Christmas is one of the Denver PFF FRAMEO Social Photo Frame range, from £64.99 +P&P that shows photos and messages sent from your phone, automatically. Why not play this short FRAMEO video below and see for yourself?….



This amazing new type of digital photo frame means that they can sit in any room, anywhere and receive private photos and messages from you, right to the screen, without having to log in and check for updates all the time. All they have to do is pair their new frame with Wifi, you set up the free FRAMEO app on your phone, to share your photos privately with them anytime. Privacy is a key benefit here, as the FRAMEO photo frame keeps your precious moments totally private, important in this day and age. Unlike social media and other apps, FRAMEO do not store or have any access to the photos, they’re saved only on your photo frame’s 8GB storage or your SD card. So you and your family can share your precious moments between a selected group of recipients (hundreds if you like), privately and in real time in the comfort of any room, anywhere in the world.
















The Denver PFF FRAMEO Social Photo Frame range, with 7 model options from £64.99 +P&P are available in black and white to match in with décor and other gadgets. They come in a couple of different frame styles & table stand styles and with either an IPS 1024×600 or 1280×800 resolution screen. It’s very easy for anyone to set up and use; just pair the frame with WiFi, download the free FRAMEO app on your phone and push the photo with a personalised message caption to the photo frame, which beeps to let you know the photo is on screen to view. The frame owner can stay in control with the 10 second or 30 second rotation, portrait or landscape view, the show, hide or delete photo functions, using the touchscreen and the timer function to turn it off at night or anytime.
















Happy photo sharing this Christmas and we hope that your loved ones enjoy the private, personal updates from you, once the get-togethers are over.   

From the team at 3wisemonkeys

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