vpl-200 wood record player

Family Times Around the Record Player

Do you remember the days when dad would pop his 7 inches bought from Woolworths, or the second hand LP handed down from someone or other, on the family record player? Usually a Sunday evening in our house, we would all gather in the front room and sing and dance to the family favourites! Well we’ve found that those vinyl spinning days have made a come back in our home too. We’ve dug out our own singles and albums from our parent’s lofts and love visiting the new record shops popping up around us. We’re loving the vinyl resurgence and the fact that you now record your favourites on our Denver record players too.

vpl-200 black retro record player

The Denver VPL-200 does just that with it’s USB connectivity and PC recording software. This sleek vinyl record player turntable with stereo speakers, USB connectivity and PC recording software looks as good as it sounds. In a wooden or piano black finish, it’s light and easy to move and with its built-in speakers it’s ideal to use as a normal turntable in any room.

denver vpl-200 wood record player

The triple speed option enables you to play 33.3, 45 and 78rpm vinyl and the record will automatically stop once it has finished playing. You can record from your LP to your PC using the USB cable and PC software included. With two built-in speakers you can simply plug in and play your vinyl collection wherever you are.

vpl-200 wood retro turntable


If you want to enhance the sound further use the RCA output to connect with your hi-fi or external amplifier. There’s a phono connection for external hi-fi or amplifier use and a headphone jack for private listening. You can even connect it to your PC and record onto MP3 or WAV files.

Here’s to lots of fun with the new and old music you find or rediscover. We hope you have as much fun with this Denver VPL-200 record player as we do.

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