Dual screen portable DVD & twin DVD player sets explained

The terms “dual screen portable DVD player” and “twin DVD player” are very similar but each portable DVD player bundle type offers a very different set up to the other and has different pro’s and con’s.

Dual screen portable DVD players

A dual screen portable DVD player is a portable DVD player bundle, normally targeting the in car setup, where there is a main player with a secondary slave screen. This setup allows for both screens to be powered from a single car power socket and means you can play a movie across the two screens. The main player can play DVD discs and can be used totally independently from the second slave screen. The slave screen however is exactly that and simply displays what ever is playing on the main player. It can not accept DVD discs and cannot play another different DVD movie. If the main player is taken away from it then the secondary screen cannot be used. If in this setup the main player can be powered by battery then normally battery power is limited to that main DVD player only and the slave screen, more often than not, cannot be powered by battery… just mains or car power adapter. The main advantage of this type of system is that it gives a twin display portable DVD set up, ideal for in car, at the lowest possible price.

Twin DVD players

A twin DVD player setup is exactly as it sounds. The system is made up of two DVD players that are interlinked to allow you to power both screens from a single car socket and allows both screens to display one movie across them. However, the biggest advantage of this setup is that it also means that each individual player has the ability to accept DVD discs and thus if preferred each DVD player can play its own separate movie. Because each unit is a portable DVD player it also means that the two screens can be split up from each other and used totally indepently to the other. If using a twin DVD player in one car both your kids can watch the same movie if they want or different movies. If both kids go on separate school trips each child can take a portable DVD player with them. So the twin DVD player set up offers a much more flexible solution, the downside is that this set up is more expensive than the less flexible dual screen DVD player option.

How to decide?

When considering which portable DVD player set up to buy the main influencing factor is always going to be budget. However, if that gives you the option of either of the above set ups many of our customers decision is strongly influenced on the age gap between their kids and whether they are the same or different sexes. With a wider age gap and one child being male and the other female frequently arguments arise from what to watch, as their tastes are very different. In this scenario many of our customers decide the slightly larger spend on the twin DVD player is worth every penny for those long car trips! But if your kids are very similar ages and thus are more than happy to watch the same movie then a dual screen portable DVD player may well be the ideal solution for you.

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