A guide to buying a site radio

A site radio is a radio that has specifically been made for use outside on a job site. Quite often you will find that a site radio is splash or water resistant and ready for a few knocks and bruises along the way. Below are a few features and specifications that you may want built in to your jobsite radio.

If you’re wanting a jobsite radio or DAB site radio then first thing is checking it’s splash proof… which means if it rains your radio isn’t going to getting completely ruined at the first sight of rain. Plus a jobsite radio may see paint or plaster splashed on it and to be splash proof is going to be a must to help your radio last for some time.

Next is protection. Site radio units tend to see harder wear and tear than standard home radios, so some protection will help! Ideally your jobsite radio is going to have some nice fat rubber bumpers on it… knock it over and the rubber bumpers ensure that the plastic surround on the radio doesn’t take the brunt of the knock and break.

How’s your radio powered? If you’re out on a site then you don’t always have access to mains power so battery backup is useful. Of course mains power is cheaper so you want to make sure that it comes with a mains lead but that it can take batteries too if required. If using batteries and your radio has standby as well as an on / off switch always make sure you switch it off when not in use … as standby still uses power and will slowly suck your batteries dry of power!

How about a USB port? If your radio has a USB port then you can plug a USB flash drive in to it for playing back MP3 music. This gives you more variation in what music you want to or can listen to when on site.

DAB or FM? DAB site radio makes the best of the latest technologies for the clearest, best quality audio. However, don’t forget that DAB radio isn’t available every where plus DAB can be more affected by other buildings or natural obstacles stopping the transmission. Where as FM has a much wider general coverage. So ideally your radio would have both.

Does your site radio have a clock? A clock can be useful, as can an alarm. It’s an extra feature but one that you may find handy to have built in to your site radio.

Lastly auxiliary input can be useful. If your radio has an auxiliary connection then you can connect iPod’s, iPhones and other MP3 players in to your radio for playing the music via the radios speaker. Usually units connect to the radio via a headphone style socket.

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