Who remembers their favourite Bananarama song?

The tomboy girl trio are back! We were delighted to hear that Sara, Siobhan and Keren, the original Bananarama band line-up are returning with a UK tour this year. The TV interviews and replays of the old videos took us right back to the 80s, to our dance routines in the playground, the big hair, ripped jeans, headscarves, socks and boots! The girls in the team here loved to get together with two of our friends, stand on the school steps as if a stage and blast out “It Aint What you do” and the classic “Really saying something”.

Those two early hits were of course with Fun Boy Three, making them even cooler for us, as we loved Terry Jones and the boys too. As we hit secondary school, we’d dance around to ‘Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye”, “Cruel Summer”, “Robert De Niro’s Waiting”, “Love in the First Degree”. We’re really showing our age here! The hits went on and the girls have enjoyed success here and in the US over the years and we can’t wait to hear the full back catalogue when we see them on stage later in the year. As usual we’re giving you some product ideas here too, and these great value little beauties are just the thing to listen to your favourite Bananarama songs on, in this revival year. Let us know what you think and of course what your personal favourite Bananarama song is!





















A retro record player for your early vinyl singles and albums

All of their music was on vinyl singles or albums, or on cassette player of course, in those early days. The Denver VPR-130 belt-driven retro turntable with radio and built-in speakers at £36.99 +P&P, comes in a chrome and wood effect giving it a stylish yet retro feel. You can play your whole old vinyl collection at either 33.3 or 45rpm through the speakers, or connect to an external hi-fi or amplifier and use headphones and the FM stereo radio as alternatives.




















A cool CD player for those later CD albums  

Do you have any of their later CDs, maybe “The Twelve Inches of Bananarama” released in the summer of 2006 or the 2007 “Greatest Hits and More More More”? The Grouptronics GTMC-101 CD player, at £31.99 +P&P, in piano black or white looks good, sounds great and is really easy to use. We’ve supplied this to several boutique hotels who like it’s wall mountable or table top options, that allow it to fit perfectly into any room. The twin stereo speakers can be detached depending on your preference, the front loading CD player can be flipped open to play your favourite discs and the aux-in socket enables phone or MP3 connection to extend your playing options further. Set the built-in alarm and wake-up to your chosen CD, the radio or the buzzer. 






















A boombox portable Bluetooth speaker for all your favourites on your phone / MP3  

Taking us back to the 80s style with a boombox design, you can play all your favourite Bananarama tracks from your phone or MP3 player be this nifty portable Bluetooth speaker. The Denver BTS-52 Bluetooth speaker in smart black, compact cylinder design at £18.99 +P&P is ideal for using at home, or on tour. Play your music from your smartphone, MP3 player, iPhone or PC either wirelessly via Bluetooth or through the USB or aux-in connection. With the 5W RMS speaker, Bluetooth range up to 10 metres and built-in battery with 8 hours of playing time, you can play your favourite Bananarama songs again and again.














Have fun reminiscing, or going back to the 80s retro-style!

From the team at 3wisemonkeys


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