We've Been to Berlin For New Product Ideas – What Do You Think?

We travelled to Berlin last month to attend the IFA consumer electronics show, meet with suppliers and to research new trends and product ideas to consider. The world’s biggest technology trade show set out to not only exhibit and promote the latest products, but to also discuss visions of a new society where the Internet of Things, AI and smart homes are soon to be a common reality. We’d like to tell you about our fascinating trip, some amazing advances in home technology and to ask you for your opinion of some of the gadget product ideas we’re looking at for the coming year. Please do let us know what you think.




The Internet of Things – The Debate

The IFA+ Summit gathered innovators together to discuss the opportunities and risks of IoT – The Internet of Things, pointing out the positive effects of global connectivity as well as its negative side effects. The positives include how specialised doctors can now provide their knowledge worldwide via the IoT thus saving lives, whilst the negatives were demonstrated by how a smart meter can not only tell you how much energy someone is consuming but also their bedtime habits and whether they’re in a relationship or not. The panel discussed that organisations need to be more transparent and that all companies have to act responsibly, using the right hard and software to make products safe for consumers.

Smart Homes & Connected Living – The Future is Here?  

Top innovators and many newer industry disruptors were showcasing new ‘AI’ and smart controlled household products, coming to many of our houses soon. From robot vacuum cleaners that integrates with your smart watch, connected fridge freezers with built in cameras so you can re-stock remotely, to smart home systems where you can control security sensors, blinds, windows and the coffee maker all from your phone alarm or the weather service announcement. We wonder how quickly these smart home and connected living goods will become the norm in our homes?












3 New Gadget & Gift Ideas – What Do You Think?

We do great-value, gift-sized gadgets for you here at 3wisemonkeys, rather than big ticket home appliance items and we saw some nifty new products at the show that we think you’ll like! We’re always on the look-out for new ideas to add to our range and would love to know what you think of these, for yourself or for gift ideas for your loved ones?

Karaoke Microphone & Speaker In One – Just Pair with Your Phone 



The Denver KMS-100 Karaoke Microphone and Speaker in either white, blue or pink is a hand held Bluetooth 4.1 speaker with a built in microphone and 4W output for Karaoke use. The retail price will be around £40 +P&P. It comes with an echo function and microphone volume adjustment, perfect for fun karaoke nights using YouTube or other music sites. It’s wireless, just connect to your smart phone, find a karaoke video you like and sing and dance along to your hearts content. Also included are a 3.5mm AUX IN, USB cable for charging, AUX cable, Built-in 2000mAh lithium battery and a built-in Micro SD card slot. What do you think of this product?  




Electric Kick Scooter – Exercise or Cruise, it’s Up to You 


































The Denver DSC-5000 MK2 Electric Kick Scooter is a lightweight personal transporter consisting of two small inline wheels connected by a standing platform and is foldable for easy carrying. You can rely on either the electric motor or your feet as a kick scooter for a bit of exercise as you ride and can use it to commute to work or have fun at the park. It will retail at approximately £275 +P&P. The tech details are; it’s aluminium frame, 250W motor, speed up to 24 km/h, supports up to 120kg person, built-in rechargeable battery – 4000mAh, charge time of 2-3 hours, driving range charge of 12-15 km, electric brake and front wheel, manual foot brake on back wheel, 8 kg weight, 5 ” durable rubber wheels, multifunctional display (speed, distance, battery charge indicator and gear indicator), matt black colour with green luminous trim. What do you think of this product? 




New Sound Capture Headphones – Tune in & Zone Out 


The Denver BTN-206 Bluetooth headset with noise reduction is a new generation headset that makes listening to your favourite tunes or that important show, in a noisy environment, an immersive experience. They’ll retail for a round £40 +P&P and come in sand or black colour options. They’re very easy to pair with your mobile phone and you can take calls with the headphones on, via the built-in microphone. The operating range is up to 10 metres, the rechargeable built-in battery has a charge time of 3 hours, the play music time is up to 8 hours and standby is up to 200 hours. What do you think of this new product idea? 


We’ll be making our orders soon, so do let us know your thoughts and here’s to another year of bringing you new, great-value gadgets & gifts for you, your family and friends.

Much thanks, from the team at 3wisemonkeys 

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