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Sunrise Alarm Clock – Ideal For Autumn Mornings

Who’s excited about the changing of the season and the new colours, sights and sounds of Autumn? The trees are turning a gorgeous golden, red and brown and the conkers and leaves are appearing on the ground. Even better, the apples and pumpkins are ready for Autumn food and fun. There’s a downside of course and that’s the impending lack of sunlight and getting up when it’s dark outside. This is when we really appreciate our Denver CRL-310 Sunrise Alarm Clock routine the most. We need that little extra bit of help on these darker mornings, do you?

What Does the CRL-310 Sunrise Alarm Clock Do? 

denver crl-310 sunrise alarm clock wake up light

You can literally ‘see the light’ on dreary mornings with the Denver CRL-310 with it’s wake up light and nature sounds. Choose to wake up in a calmly lit or brighter room, with nature sounds, buzzer or the radio to suit your mood. The go-to-sleep function allows you to drift off with a soothing light and your favourite radio station. Create a tranquil environment in your bedroom with a clever mood light that fades through a rainbow of soothing colours. The sun-like, round wake up light can also be used as a handy reading lamp. The adjustable LED display shows you the time, date and room temperature too.

How Can You Use The Wake Up Light?

denver crl-310 sunrise alarm clock mood light

Ease yourself into the day with the wake up light that will light the room 30 minutes before your alarm. Your gentle start can continue by setting the nature alarm to the relaxing sounds of nature. Choose from a waterfall cave, forest bird calls or bubbling hot springs. If you need something to help you jump out of bed just select the buzzer or radio alarm option. Alternatively, press the snooze button if you fancy an extra few minutes rest. If you like to drift off with light and sound, set the sleep timer for up to 90 minutes and the CRL-310 sunrise alarm clock will automatically turn off. You can also control all the functions with the included remote. The aux-in socket enables you to plug in an MP3 player, phone or tablet. With battery back-up, if the electricity fails your clock and alarm won’t.

Why It Might Be For You  

denver crl-310 sunrise alarm clock wake up light

As well as helping you wake up as you want to, you can create a calm environment in your bedroom when you need it with the clever mood light. It can be adjusted to automatically fade through a rainbow of colours or set to your favourite one that works for you. Switch to warm white and you have a bedside lamp which can be adjusted to 10 levels from a low light for relaxing to a bright light for reading. The CRL-310 sunrise alarm clock lets you choose from a 12 or 24 clock and set the year, month and date. The adjustable LED light display will show you the clock, calendar or room temperature, or on rotation, whichever you need. If music’s your thing in the morning, preset up to 10 of your favourite FM radio stations for easy switching when you’re groggy.

Who Could Use A Bit Of Extra Sunshine In Their Lives?


At only £39.49 including Free Delivery, the CRL-310 sunrise alarm clock could be the ideal gift idea. How about for Mum, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa or those teenage and student loved ones? Anything to help with the morning routine as the sunlight diminishes. We hope that you all enjoy the extra light and nature sounds on these Autumn mornings, as well as the other benefits the Denver CRL-310 wake up alarm clock can offer.

Have fun out there with the leaves and conkers too!

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  1. I love the sunrise alarm clock and have had it for over a year. However, some of the buttons on the remote have stopped working. Can I purchase another remote from you guys.

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