Marmitek GigaView 821 wireless HDMI transmitter

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  • Full HD and 3D capable wireless HDMI transmitter
  • Built in HDMI splitter & infra red remote extender
  • Perfect for wall mounted TVs, ceiling mounted HD projectors or when you want your HD items stored in a cupboard

Product Description

With the Marmitek GigaView 821 you can have a full HD and / or 3D connection to your TV wirelessly.
No need for HDMI cables that connect your BluRay DVD or HD set top box, for example, to your TV. This is ideal where you have a HD wall mounted TV, ceiling mounted High Definition projector
or want your HD items to be stored in a cupboard away from your TV.

Twin inputs
With twin inputs on the GigaView 821 transmitter you can watch up to 2 devices including
BluRay DVD players, HD set top boxes, PS3, Xbox consoles or even standard
DVD player via the GigaView 821. Utilising the included remote control you can switch between
either input on the transmitter with no need to change plugs or connections.

Built in HDMI splitter
Via the built in HDMI splitter you can connect the audio / video devices both to the GigaView 821 transmitter, for transmission of the signals to the remote TV and also connect a second local TV to the devices for viewing via the GigaView transmitter.

Integrated infra red extender
Even when watching your BluRay player or HD set top box located in a cupboard, via the beamed signal from GigaView transmitter to receiver, you can still control the set top box or BluRay player using the built in infra red remote control extender which beams the remote control signals back to the transmitter.

Perfect HD signal
With no delay between transmission and reception as well as a perfect uncompressed 480p, 720p, 1080i and 1080p (Full HD) resolution picture up to 25 meters between transmitter and receiver, the GigaView 821 is perfect for games consoles as well as watching movies and TV programmes.

Marmitek GigaView 821 features:

– 100% HDCP compliant.

– Watch up to 2 (HD) devices elsewhere in your home and easily switch between the sources connected without changing plugs.

– Replace HDMI cables wirelessly and locate your HDTV or projector wherever you want.
– Built-in HDMI splitter means that you can connect a HDTV to the transmitter so that you can continue to watch connected devices locally.
– Suitable for Full HD 1080p and all 3D formats
– Single-floor, single room solution
– Sends the HD signal uncompressed



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