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  • Dual source TV wireless video sender
  • 5.8Ghz video sender significantly reduces likelihood of interference
  • Control your DVD, Sky, Virgin or other audio / video device from the secondary room

Product Description

The Marmitek GigaVideo570 is a 5.8Ghz wireless TV video transmitter allowing
you to watch and operate your set top box or other audio / video device on a
second TV in another room. The GigaVideo however is packed with features and
accessories making this one of the most flexible, functional wireless TV audio
/ video transmitters available.

Double input for transmitter & multiple connection options
One feature that makes the GigaVideo570 wireless TV video transmitter stand
out from the crowd is the fact that it has 2 inputs on the GigaVideo570 transmitter.
This allows you to connect 2 sources to the transmitter i.e. Sky set top box
and DVD player, for transmission to your secondary room. In your secondary room
just press the button on the rear of the receiver to choose to receive input
1, i.e. Sky, or input 2, i.e. DVD. Connection to the transmitter can be via
the RCA phono jack cable which is included (i.e. yellow for video and red/white
for audio left and right), you can also utilise the included RCA to 3.5mm headphone
jack adapter for audio in to the transmitter. Alternatively included with the
GigaVideo570 is a Scart adapter to allow you to use Scart connection / output
from your audio / video devices to the GigaVideo570 transmitter.

Multiple connections for the receiver including coaxial aerial modulator!
The next feature that isn’t found on most wireless video TV transmitters is
the Gigavideo570 has an integrated modulator built in to the receiver… what
this means is that unlike most wireless video TV transmitters where connection
to the receiving TV must be via Scart, with the GigaVideo570 the modulator allows
you to connect the receiver to TV via standard co-axial aerial connection for
reception on your TV via channel# 36. Very handy if your Scart plug is being
used by another device or you are using an older TV! Alternatively you can connect
the receiver to the receiving TV via Scart using the included Scart adapter
or RCA phono connection using the included RCA phono cable.

Control your DVD, Sky, Virgin or other audio / video device from the
secondary room

The GigaVideo570 includes an infra red eye with 3 extension eyes on it meaning
you can have an infra red eye in front of each transmitting device so that each
one can be controlled from the secondary room.

Multiple receivers for multiple rooms
You can have as many receivers for this wireless TV video transmitter as required
for each room that wishes to receive the transmission. Receivers are available
as individual items, one receiver is required per room / TV for reception.

Compact & neat
The receiver for the Marmitek GigaVideo570 is a mere 10cm x 11cm and stands
only 3cm tall making this one of the smallest wireless TV video receivers. The
transmitter is only minimally larger at 15cm * 10cm and also 3cm tall. Each
device is finished in stylish matt silver. The transmitter & receiver feature
a directional aerial to ensure that you can concentrate the audio / video transmission
and reception in a single direction for the very best possible reception.

Easy set up
Simply plug the transmitter in to your audio / video device in your main room
and plug in to mains power. Plug the receiver in to the secondary TV in your
other room, plug in to mains, turn to the correct channel on your secondary
TV and that’s it!

What can I use the GigaVideo with?
Because of the choice of connection types the transmitter can deal with you
can really connect the GigaVideo570 to most audio / video devices such as Sky
/ Virgin etc set top box, DVD player, Video camera, PC or laptop etc.

As the Marmitek GigaVideo570 uses 5.8Ghz technology you will find that compared
to a standard 2.4Ghz wireless TV video transmitter you will get little to no
distortion problems commonly associated with 2.4Ghz wireless TV video transmitter
caused by wireless networks / WiFi routers, microwave ovens or wireless phones.

The maximum working distance of the Marmitek GigaVideo570 is 100m with clear
line of sight and no local interference i.e. perfect conditions. However in
the real world with walls and floors etc you are likely to get a transmission
of up to 30m – as with most if not all wireless TV video senders. However the
distance the signal can travel depends on the number of walls, floors etc the
signal must pass through and the density of those i.e. a stud wall is easier
to pass through than an old thick stone wall etc.


Marmitek GigaVideo570 wireless TV video transmitter specifications:


– Range: Up to 100m free field, up to 30m through walls and ceilings
– Power: 230VAC/50Hz, 7.2VDC adapter 320mA.
– Frequency: A/V: 5.8GHz, 4 channels (A, B, C, D).
– IR: 433.92 MHz.
– A/V input: 1x Mini-DIN (A/V IN), 1x 3x RCA (A/V IN 1x Video 2x Audio),

– A/V output: 1x Mini-DIN (AV OUT)
– Video input: 1Vpp (typ) 75ohms
– Audio input: 1Vpp (typ) 600ohms
– Audio: Stereo.
– Dimensions: 140x100x140mm (with upright antenna)

GigaVideo570 RECEIVER

– Power: 230VAC/50Hz, 7.2VDC adapter 250mA.
– Frequency: A/V: 5.8GHz, 4 channels (A, B, C, D).
– A/V output: 3x RCA (AV OUT 1x Video 2x Audio)
– RF output PAL-B/G: Transmitter 36
– RF output PAL-I: Transmitter 48
– Video output: 1Vpp (type) / 75ohms
– Audio output: 1Vpp (type) / 600ohms
– Audio: Stereo.
– Dimensions: 92x58x20mm (with upright antenna)


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