Pink is the colour

Has your opinion of the colour pink changed over time? Remember the days when really only young girls wore or used all things pink? Many men were unlikely to be found in a pink shirt, probably owing to old-fashioned stereo-typing. Thankfully we’re lucky enough to live in a society here where everyone can wear and use what they like, in whatever colour takes their fancy.

The colour pink came out in all its glory once again last week at the hundreds of women’s marches attended by women, men and children around the world, in the form of the pink ‘pussyhats’ worn by many in the crowds. The use of the pink colour and the hat’s name and style were certainly designed to make a statement in support of women’s rights, as the US embarks on a new presidency, with many concerned about future equality. Whatever our views on politics, it got us thinking about the power of colours and about our freedom here in the UK to use and wear whatever colour we want, to portray our personality, beliefs or just preference. We’ve decided to collate some of our favourite pink gadgets and electronics, in this week of ‘pink power’. We hope you like them and the bright, positive, fun feeling we think they project.
















The pink Denver ACT-5020TW action camera with WiFi phone app, touch buttons and 30M depth waterproofing is on offer at £59.99+P&P. It has a 120 degree lens, 1080p HD video, 8 megapixel photos and comes in black, yellow, blue and white if one of those is your favourite colour.













The pink Denver MC-5010 CD player at £31.99 +P&P is a compact, wall mountable stereo with CD player, FM radio, clock alarm and remote control. It has a contemporary styled brushed metal effect front, can be stood on any flat surface or wall mounted and comes in black or white too.



















The Denver MC-5220 pink CD player, at £31.99 +P&P, is a wall mountable micro system with an FM radio, alarm clock, headphone jack and also comes in black, white and purple. You can programme up to 20 CD tracks, connect to your MP3 player via the aux-in jack, or stick with your favourite radio station.

















We’re loving our Denver BFA-10 pink bluetooth fitnessbands right now, to give us that much needed motivation on cold mornings! At £21.99 +P&P, it pairs with your smartphone and tracks, calculates steps, distance, calories and monitors quality of sleep time. With caller ID, SMS notification, find my phone function, alarm clock and self-timer, it’s a nifty little thing!























The Voyager VYCDVD7 portable pink slimline dvd player, at £47.99+P&P, is a multi-region player with a 7 inch wide swivel screen. You can use the dvd or usb connection to watch films, listen to music or look at your photos and play it anywhere with the inbuilt rechargeable battery.























The Voyager VYCDVD9 portable pink dvd player, at £61.99 +P&P, is the larger screen version, with a 9 inch screen, for easier group viewing and all the great features of the 7 inch version.















Lastly, our Denver SPR-10 pink portable speaker bar with FM radio, at £15.99 +P&P, is amazingly loud for a little gadget. It not only produces powerful sound but it has the functionality to back it up too, with SD memory card reader, auxiliary-in jack, USB port, FM radio and a rechargeable battery pack as well.

So, if you like being ‘in the pink’, have an affinity to the colour because of your beliefs, or simply think that pink is the colour to have, we hope you like our pink product picks!

Love, the team at 3wisemonkeys

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