Nextbase 402G in car cam wins Which? Best Buy

The Nextbase 402G in car camera was recently awarded the Which? Best Buy in their dash cams and in car cameras section. In this article we look at the 402G and why it received that award.

Footage quality

Being a camera the quality of the images & video the camera takes is pretty much paramount, and this is one area where the 402G excelled. When sat in the front of your car driving to & from work, driving to collect the kids, going to the gym or any other time, the amount and quality of the light (or lack thereof in the winter!) that the camera has to use when filming continually differs. Ensuring that the quality of picture is maintained in these different scenarios is also a top requirement for car dashboard cameras. In the Which? test they found that overall the quality of footage no matter what the light the Nextbase 402G took the best quality footage. It was noted in their tests that in very bright, direct light and also on unlit roads the quality of footage did decrease, however the footage was still better than all other cameras tested. They also noted that in good quality light road signs & number plates were legible from 15 meters away and that footage here was extremely sharp and well detailed. This will mean that if you had to footage from the Nextbase 402G would give an extremely clear indication of what happened during an incident!

402G car camera footage

Is it difficult to install?

Absolutely not… Like most in car cameras the unit comes with a suction cup type windscreen mount. Mount this behind your rear view mirror and clip the402G in to place on the screen mount. The camera is powered via a car cigarette lighter power cable so there’s no hard wiring required. Simply plug the power cable in, run the cable around your windscreen and connect to the car cam. The cable is approximately 4 meters long so you should find you have ample cable and more than enough to allow you to hide the cable in your car and around the screen as much as possible if required too. One note that the Which? report did make was that removing the camera from its windscreen mount was a little tricky and trying to use the menus whilst on the move was also less obvious and a little difficult. HOWEVER, we would recommend that its more than a good idea to set your camera up before leaving and trying to use & adjust the camera when on the move probably isn’t a great idea anyway!

Nextbase 402G mounted on windscreen

Is it easy to use?

Which? outcome in this area was very positive stating that “The 402G is very easy to use once mounted”. When connected to your car cigarette lighter socket the camera automatically powers up with the ignition and starts to record straight away. Once recording the camera not only records video footage of the road ahead of you but also registers g forces at work due to cornering, heavy breaking or even in collisions. The camera records to Micro SD memory card (not included as standard with the camera) and as the card starts to fill up the camera deletes the oldest footage to create room for new footage. If there’s an incident and the camera registers it as a possible incident the footage is protected from being deleted by the camera automatically as well. So really all you have to worry about when using the camera is powering it up to ensure that any possible collision is caught.

Car mount displayed


The Which? reports over all conclusion was that “The NextBase is head and shoulders above all the other dash cams we’ve tested – even those that cost twice as much.”. Yes there were some small drawbacks that stopped it from being absolutely perfect, but whatever is 100% perfect everywhere all the time?!

402G Which? Best Buy award

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