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New, Stylish Radio Alarm Clocks For Autumn And Winter Mornings

Autumn is here, well, meteorologically speaking anyway. What a fabulous summer it’s been, with ups and downs in the weather but the sun is still shining and the kids are back at school! We have had a few cooler mornings now and we’ve all found it a bit harder to get up already. It could be the back to work and back to school mood in the house kicking in too, but we’ve got these stylish new radio clock alarms to kick start anyone’s morning!

Denver DAB-18 Vintage retro style DAB+ radio alarm clock – in wood



The Denver DAB-18 vintage style retro DAB / DAB+ radio comes in a real wood cabinet with fabric cover over stereo speakers. It blends modern technology with retro styling to give a 1950s look, combined with the very latest DAB+ digital receiver, playing both DAB & DAB+ stations. If you can’t find a DAB or DAB+ radio station you like, tune in to an FM station, connect a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth & stream from an app or to play your own music. You can even connect your MP3 player via the AUX IN connection. With a permanently, gently lit LCD display the DAB-18 can show the current time when not in use, perfect for your bedside or by the kitchen sink. With twin alarm times choose to wake up to DAB radio, FM radio or buzzer – ideal for you & your partner. Choose to set alarms for Weekdays, weekends, daily or once only.  Powered via the included UK mains power adaptor or 4 x size C batteries (not included) this is the ideal portable, vintage radio for listening wherever you want.

Denver DAB-46 DAB / DAB+ digital & FM radio – in wood effect & dark grey or white


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dab-46 grey


The Denver DAB-46 DAB / DAB+ digital & FM portable radio in wood effect and dark grey or white, comes with classical, combined with contemporary looks, looking stylish in any environment. The DAB+ digital tuner means you can tune in to every available digital radio station as well as FM.  With the bedside dual alarm clock, the time & date is displayed when the radio is switched to standby. Set either alarm to wake you up using DAB, DAB+ FM or buzzer. The alarms can be set to every day, weekends, weekdays or just once. The clock automatically sets the correct time & date making setup a matter of plug in & switch on! The radio can be powered using the included mains power adapter or batteries for inside or outside use, with or without headphones. Contact our helpful & friendly support staff at our dedicated UK warranty centre. Free 12 month warranty is included with all our items.  

Denver CRQ-105 wireless phone charger, alarm clock radio – in black




The Denver CRQ-105 wireless charger alarm clock radio allows you to pop your Qi-enabled phone on the top of the alarm clock and leave it to charge overnight. There’s no need for messy charging cables. The dual alarm clock means you can set two totally independent alarms, wake up to your favourite FM radio station or buzzer, for the heavier sleeper. The three different brightness settings on the clock screen allow you to set the screen to dim, bright or completely off. Nod off to your favourite radio station knowing that the sleep timer will automatically turn off your radio after a preset period. Snooze for another 9 minutes when your alarm goes off by hitting the snooze button. The backup battery ensures that all clock & alarm settings are kept in case of a power cut 


These stylish new radio alarm clocks are just what Autumn ordered and would make great gifts for any of the family right now.


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