New Record Players – Record Your Vinyl/Cassettes/CDs!

Happy Easter Holidays to one and all of you! What a treat, to have a break to spend with family and friends, to relax and have at least some time off work. We’re getting away for a night, to get some fresh air and take the dog out on some long walks. Then getting together with family to make the most of the Bank Holiday free time. What about you? Are you getting together with family or friends soon? Will it, like us, involve music and getting the old family-favourite records and recordings out for a sing-along and a dance? Well, the exciting news is we have three new retro record players now in stock, to get any party going and to make the holidays fun for all the family:

The Denver VPL-200 Vinyl Record Player With Recording To MP3 – In Piano Black Or Wood 


This sleek vinyl record player turntable with stereo speakers, USB connectivity and PC recording  software looks as good as it sounds. In piano black or wood finish, it’s light and easy to move and with its built-in speakers it’s ideal to use as a turntable in any room. The triple speed option enables you to play 33.3, 45 and 78rpm vinyl and the record will automatically stop once it has finished playing. You can also record from your LP to your PC using the USB cable and PC software included, meaning you can now play your old tunes on your phone. There’s a phono connection for external Hi-Fi or amplifier use and a headphone jack for private listening. You can even connect it to your PC and record onto MP3 or WAV files.



The Denver MCR-50 Retro Record Player, Cassette, CD, Radio, with Recording To MP3


The Denver MCR-50 is a full HiFi system supporting playback of records (33, 45 or 78 RPM – 45RPM adaptor included), cassette tapes and CDs, radio (AM / FM) or playback of MP3 tracks via USB flash drive or CD disc. This retro styled record player allows you to record your old vinyl, plus those cassettes and CDs you’ve been dying to listen to, to your MP3 to listen to later on your phone or other devices. Who’d have thought we’d be able to listen to all our old music, including our cassette albums and compilations, again! The stylish wooden cabinet, remote control, LCD screen, built-in speakers and AUX IN socket to playback through other audio equipment, make it the all round HiFi system you need in your life.

With Next Day Delivery – You can grab these beauties in time for the holidays! 

Happy Easter and happy listening from the team at 3wisemonkeys

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