It's cold outside but who'll love these outdoor gifts?

I like to think of gifts that will last for years to come and give family members some enjoyment outdoors and, once Spring starts and the frost and cold of the Winter months are gone. It’s great to look forward to the change of seasons, whenever you’re feeling cold and looking out through a steamy winter window!

The WCT-3004 wildlife camera



















The WCT-3004 wildlife camera on offer at £69.99, is designed for nature lovers and means you can capture close-ups using the motion activated video camera. Video or photos (or both) are captured automatically with the PIR motion sensor. Automatic switching from standard day time to night vision means photos or video in the dead of night are also no problem. From sunrise, the unit takes colour photos and video until there is insufficient light (dusk) when it automatically switches over to its infra-red night vision using 36 LEDs to ensure you still get great shots or video even at night with little to no light. You can take high resolution photos of up to 8 megapixels and HD video of up to 1080p @ 25fps. View your footage on the 2 inch LCD, connect the camera using the included USB cable to your PC and download your photos and video or plug the camera in to your TV for full screen playback.

The wildlife camera takes 4 or 8 * AA sized batteries to power itself and these can last up to 6 months if the camera stays in standby. It’s got an SD card slot and can take up to 32GB memory card for photo and video storage. Leaving it out in the snow or rain is now problem either, so your loved one can have hours of fun watching the local wildlife, once back inside in comfort, all year round.

MET-100 waterproof metal detector















The Denver MET-100, coming in at £27.49, is a versatile metal detector and the ideal companion for any treasure seeker that you know. It’s lightweight and easy to use, making it perfect for beginners. The visual and sound indicators mean you really won’t miss those hidden gems and the headphone jack gives you the option of crystal clear listening when searching in a noisy environment.  The high sensitivity sensor has the ability to detect metals up to 12 cm beneath the ground. The discrimination setting differentiates between ferrous and non-ferrous metals enabling you to search solely for the more precious objects such as silver and gold, or include all metals such as iron and steel.


















You can adjust the tuning to suit your surroundings and the 170 mm water-resistant coil means you can even search for treasure under shallow water, so don’t forget your wellies! The sound sensor has an adjustable volume and you can plug in your headphones if you’re treasure seeking in a noisy environment. There’s also a visual sensor that will indicate when metal is detected so you really won’t miss a thing.














The adjustable stem can be set to suit your height and the built-in arm support can give everyone hours of comfortable treasure hunting. The Denver MET-100 operates on 6 x AA batteries (not included) and has a low battery indicator to give you advanced warning. What’s not to like for a fun gift this Christmas and for years to come!

Happy shopping everyone, from Sinead and the team at 3wisemonkeys

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