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It was as long ago as 2003 when Apollo Electronics introduced the first tablet DVD player in the world. A year later it founded Nextbase Europe to provide sales and service support throughout its European distribution network. In the interim, several Nextbase trademark and patents have been filed worldwide and has gained recognition for the quality and innovation of its Nextbase portable DVD player range, designed for use in the home, in the car and elsewhere. In fact, the Nextbase SDV47 Portable DVD Player, a 7″ model capable of operating on mains power, from a 12-volt cigarette lighter socket, or on 6 standard AA rechargeable batteries, was a What Car? Test Centre Winner in the “Best Budget Buy” category. Strong research and development, engineering skill and customer service are part of the Nextbase ethos and strategic partnerships with big name players in the field of DVD technology – Hitachi, Philips, Sanyo, etc. – ensure that ethos is maintained.

The latest offerings from Nextbase include the “Click & Go” range of portable DVD players, which feature an innovative, intelligent mounting system that allows playback to start as soon as the DVD player is securely fastened in its harness. The Nextbase Click 7, for example, features a 7″ TFT LCD screen with a native resolution of 480 x 234 pixels, while the Click 10, as the name suggests, is a larger, 10.1″ screen with a native resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. These and other Nextbase portable DVD player range are available in a number of different configurations and with a wide range of accessories – spare batteries, wireless headphones, etc. – which are not always available for other players: even the leading brands.

Nextbase supports a 1-year warranty on all of its products purchased anywhere in Europe. If anything does go wrong during the warranty period, it is simply a question of returning your Nextbase player to the retailer from which it was bought, or returning it to Nextbase by following the returns procedure.

The really good news, however, is that unlike some other manufacturers of portable DVD players, Nextbase has a dedicated support centre, staffed by specialists in Nextbase products. This means that specific, rather than generic, issues can be addressed and repairs can be carried out even outside the warranty period. Repairs outside the warranty period are chargeable, but this level of customer service means that if your player breaks or you lose, for example, the mains power lead, you can resolve the situation without having to buy a whole new player. Nextbase cannot guarantee a timescale for repairs, but they do strive to supply an accurate lead-time wherever possible. Although an excellent support structure is in place, Nextbase portable DVD players have an impressively low failure rate when compared to those from other leading manufacturers.

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