Beat the January Blues With Your Favourite Vinyl

Have you got those January blues? The grey skies look pretty set in, the mist and the rain look like they’re here to stay for a while and some of you have got snow again! Well, let’s put the needle on the record and blast out some fun, favourite vinyl tunes to shake off that blue January feeling. And what better to spin those discs on than the great value Denver VPL-120 retro turntable in bright, light blue at only £37.99 +P&P.


We’ve got our Boys Own vinyl out at the moment, reminding us of sun kissed days of our youth! That’ll shake off the miserable grey feelings and get us thinking about the summer and that holiday we’re going to book soon! The Denver VPL-120 is a nifty, portable little turntable to get the party started, available in brown, black and red too.


Just plug in and play your vinyl wherever you are. This stylish retro turntable comes in a vintage style suitcase for light and easy transportation. The triple speed option enables you to play 33.3, 45 and 78rpm vinyl and the record will automatically stop once it’s finished playing. There are two built in speakers, a line-out socket for external hi-fi or amplifier connection and a headphone jack for private listening. You can even connect it to your PC and record your vinyl onto MP3 or WAV files. It’s a cool all rounder, ready to help you beat those blues and get you thinking about sunnier, fun times.


Happy listening from the team at 3wisemonkeys 

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