Affordable & impressive Christmas gifts for all ages

Do you find that you can never have too many entertainment systems around the house, for every conceivable need? If the price is right, why not have music or viewing entertainment in various rooms for various situations? They’re a source of relaxation or enjoyment for everyone after a hard day’s work after all. So, for that tricky niece, nephew, aunt, uncle or friend who’s still not ticked off the Christmas list and you’re not sure what they do or don’t already have, here are a few gift ideas to help you along.

Who loves a bit of vintage design in their tech?

The Denver BTS-200 Bluetooth speaker in sleek silver looks stylish and sounds impressive, with its vintage design with smart leather handle for easy transportation. At £35.99 they’ll be able to play their music from a smartphone, MP3 player, iPhone or PC, either wirelessly via Bluetooth or through USB or aux-in connection. They can even charge their phone at the same time. The 2 x 5W RMS speakers give great sound and with a Bluetooth operating range of 8-10 metres, their tunes will continue to play even from the other side of the room. With 6 hours of playing time when the built-in battery is fully charged, they can listen to their music in style, whatever the time and wherever they are. So, who do you know who would love this retro piece of tech, to are you tempted yourself?

Who’s the sleepy head who could do with a new alarm clock and CD micro system?


The Denver MCA-230 CD micro system in a glossy black and chrome finish, at £31.99, looks impressive and is so compact it will fit almost anywhere. The top loading CD player is compatible with CD-R and CD-RW discs and you can play music as standard, on repeat or programme up to 20 tracks to play in any chosen order. Connect an MP3 player, phone or iPod via the aux-in socket or plug in the TV or record player for enhanced sound. Other features include a PLL FM radio with 20 pre-set stations, a 24 hour alarm clock with snooze function and sleep timer, LCD display, remote control and headphone jack. We think it’s a flexible gift for any bedroom, campervan, or guest room and for any age group and tastes.

Which one on the list still insists on playing their DVD collection?


And why not!? We love the classic movie favourites we’ve invested in over the years. The Denver DVH-1244 multi region & upscaling DVD player on offer at £31.99, comes with digital HDMI video connection for HD output of up to 1080p (1920×1080), for top quality up-scaled movies. It has a USB port for playback of digital music, movies and photo files. It’s got a built-in Dolby digital decoder for surround sound audio output, an LCD screen, and features support for a wide variety of movies, music or photos. Your lucky recipient will be able to play downloaded movies, view their JPEG photos and play their MP3 or WMA music tracks via the USB. For more tech spec; it’s PAL/NTSC compatible, is multi region straight out of the box, connections are HDMI, USB, Scart and optical, power supply is 230v~50hz and the unit size is 320 (w) x 33 (h) x 235 (d) mm. So, a great piece of kit for that movie and entertainment lover, at a great price for your pocket this Christmas.

Happy shopping and we hope our ideas help you to choose the best tech gifts this year.

From the team at 3wisemonkeys


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