A Happy & Healthy New Year To All Our Customers

We hope you had a fun Christmas & New Year break with family and friends and are raring to go for a great 2018! Today may not have been the easiest return to work with the miserable weather outside, train strikes and first day back to work feelings. But, we’ve had a little think about what may help kick start the new year and plans for a healthy 2018….

Our Favourite January Friend Is Our CRL-310 Sunrise Alarm Clock Radio

The Sunrise Alarm Clock at £34.99 +P&P, with nature sounds & mood light is the ideal gadget to ease you in to those miserable winter days. The effects of sunlight on mood levels are well documented, with many people suffering from mild or more serious seasonal defective disorder during the winter. The gradual sunrise light effect and the peaceful singing of the birds in the CRL-310 is certainly a favourite alarm setting in our house, especially on those grey January mornings.
















You can choose to wake up in a calmly lit room with the mood light coming on at the right level for you with 10 levels to choose from, 30 minutes before the alarm goes off. Choose from soothing natural sounds of a waterfall cave, forest bird calls or bubbling hot springs, set the radio on a soothing station to ease you into the day, or if you need a sharp kick to get you up set the buzzer.


























Similarly, the go-to-sleep function enables you to peacefully drift off to sleep with a soothing light and the sound of your favourite radio station, switching off after 90 minutes. The contemporary round design will look great on any bedside table and the adjustable LED display clearly shows the time, calendar and room temperature. So, this could be the solution for you or your loved ones on those groggy mornings this year.


Exercise Helps Us Get Through January And The BFA-10 Fitnessband Is Our Nifty Little Helper

We know it’s a cliché but we really do find long walks and focusing on some fitness and activity in January is great for the body and the mind. We slip on our little Denver BFA-10 Fitnessband in pink, at only £21.99 +P&P, and off we go walking or running with the dogs. It pairs with your smartphone via Bluetooth to track and calculate your steps, distance and calories and it also even monitors the quality of your sleep time.
















All you need to do is download the free Denver BFA-10 app onto your smartphone and with the SMS notification, caller ID, vibration alarm clock, self-timer and ‘find my phone’ function. It really is an all-round help for getting through the January and winter months ahead.













Wishing A Happy & Healthy New Year to All Our Customers  

From the team at 3wisemonkeys

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