Nextbase Click 9 Lite Duo Deluxe With Stanchion Mounts

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  • The ultimate 9 inch twin DVD player system
  • Super safe – The only European crash tested and approved portable DVD
  • Integrated wireless audio transmitter for wireless headphones

Product Description

The Click 9 Lite Duo Deluxe provides tidy, convenient, safe & secure ease of use for complete peace of mind on long journeys. This twin 9 inch portable DVD player set offers the ultimate luxury & flexibility of sharing a movie across both players or viewing a different movie on each. With the patented Nextbase Click & Go ‘plug & play’ headrest mounting system, players can be easily transferred in & out of a vehicle as required. Integrated wireless audio transmitters for wireless headphones allows reduced cable clutter. All this & the Nextbase Click & Go series are the only European crash tested & approved portable DVD players available.

Click 9 Lite Duo Deluxe safety – the only European crash tested & approved portable DVD
Nextbase have made intensive efforts to ensure that the Nextbase Click & Go range are the safest players available for in car use and by investing in R&D efforts along with lots of testing the Click & Go range are now the only European crash tested and approved portable DVD player available. Most players, in the event of a crash, can come loose in car and be extremely dangerous. However the Click & Go system utilised in the Nextbase Click 9 Lite Duo Deluxe is different in that it has been designed from the ground up to be crash test safe via strengthening using metal inserts through out the headrest mount and player and via the use of the Click & Go system.

Click 9 Lite Duo Deluxe total ease of use
The Click 9 Lite Duo Deluxe is extremely easy to use in and out of car. The Click & Go headrest mounting system allows you to simply slide the screens horizontally on to the headrest mount, once fully slid on the screen click locks in to place and powers up instantly. To remove simply press the unlock button and slide the player off of the headrest mount. No cables need to be attached or detached from the screens as the Click & Go system means that the power cable attaches to the headrest mount rather than the Click 9 Lite Duo Deluxe screens.

Neatest solution for in car… Stanchion mount included
With the power cable / interconnect cable attaching to the headrest mounts rather than the screens it means you can hide the wires in your car as the headrest mounts need not be removed from the car at all. Plus … the Click 9 Lite Duo Deluxe now comes with the upgraded stanchion mount headrest mounts included.

Crystal clear screen
The Click 9 Lite Duo Deluxe screens utilise the latest screen technologies to give you a crystal clear 9 inch LED TFT screen. The LED screen utilises the new LED back light technology to give greater brightness and contrast on screen ensuring you have a sharp, clear and bright picture whilst minimising power consumption.

Smooth playback with anti-skip circuitry
To ensure you get even playback on the Click 9 Lite Duo Deluxe player Nextbase have ensured antiskip circuitry is built in. Anti skip functionality is a necessity in any portable DVD to give smooth playback even when travelling over rougher, bumpier roads.

Multiregion and multi format
Being a multiregion player the Nextbase Click 9 Lite Duo Deluxe players can play discs purchased anywhere world wide and to give you as wide a functionality as possible the Click 9 Lite supports several formats on top of DVD discs including JPEG photos, MP3 and WMA music as well as DivX movies.

USB port
An integrated USB port featured on the side of the Nextbase Click 9 Lite Duo Deluxe players means you can play your music, photos or movies from USB memory stick.

Wireless headphones and other options
One of the many features that differentiate the Nextbase Click 9 Lite Duo Deluxe from many others are the extras built in to the player. One of the most handy options is the integrated wireless audio transmitter. The wireless audio transmitter means you can simply and conveniently transmit the audio from the player directly to wireless headphones… which are an ideal solution for in car! Other options are the battery pack (not included, optional extra) for powering the main player for 2.5 – 3 hours when you are away from car power or mains power.

Included accessories
2 * Nextbase Click 9 Lite Players, 2* AC/DC Mains Adapter, 1 * Remote Control, 2 * Earphones, 2 * Carrying Case, Click & Go Car Headrest Stanchion Mounts * 2, Car Power / Interconnect Cable, 1 * AV Cable, Instruction Booklet.

Nextbase Click & Go 9 Lite Duo Deluxe specifications:

– 9” digital TFT screen with resolution 800RGB(W) x 480(H)
– Click & Go: intelligent car mounting system, just slip the player into the mount and the movie will play automatically
– Easy on-top buttons for control of the player (9 keys)
– USB port for PMP function: JPG/ MP3/ WMA/ MPEG
– Audio/video output, earphone output, DC 12V output
– 2 built-in stereo speakers
– 2-channel IR wireless audio transmitter
– Multi-language OSD: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Swedish
– Player dimensions: L268 x H183 x T44
Click 9 Lite Duo Deluxe: 2 x players – watch same or different movies on each

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It may well be worth taking a quick look at an article in our Advice Centre, detailing the main differences between Duo and Duo Deluxe packages, as well as the pros and cons in each case. Click the following link to visit the article page:

27 reviews for Nextbase Click 9 Lite Duo Deluxe With Stanchion Mounts

  1. Vanessa

    As this is a Christmas present it has not yet been tried out. We are excited by the prospect of happy children on car journeys.
    Excellent delivery service

  2. Vanessa

    Looks good but still in the box!

  3. Joanne

    Bought for our 2 babies for the car, these DVD players are the essence of quality & have made our children’s Christmas. Thank you for our quick delivery too. Highly recommended!

  4. tookinoo

    Had to replace our old 7″ player with lots of connection cables. These ones look really good, picture is really clear and mountings are really sturdy. No more straps to lean my head on!!! Like the fact that the cable is very tidy. Looking forward to fitting them.

  5. Robert

    Read reviews and then purchased the nextbase 9 system. Great product, with good delivery and service.

  6. Helen

    I love the fact that you can either play one movie on both screens or two different movies. We haven’t yet used this on a long car journey, but we’re hoping it’ll give us some peace and quiet.

  7. Tricia

    Excellent product with great flexibility in sharing screens, to save arguments!! Great aftercare with the service when reporting faulty remote control. No questions asked, next day delivery replacing the remote,which exceeded our expectations.

  8. Nick

    We were heading out to France for our holidays on a 6 hour journey, and was not looking forward to the journey with 2 and 4 year olds. We did some research and found the 3wisemonkeys website to be cheapest and most informative. We purchased the Nextbase Click 9 lite Duo Deluxe on the Monday, it arrived on the Tuesday, we left on the Friday.

    The journey there and back was very quiet 🙂

    These are great. The quality of the image is good, the sound is good, it looks good – it just works really well. I was concerned about travel sickness as we have had this problem before, but there were no issues.

  9. Kate

    Excellent service and excellent products. Easy to assemble and very easy to use. Great to be able to have different DVDs playing. Keeps 2 children very happy on long journeys and great that they can use them out of the car too, with the headphones. Thank you.

  10. Edward

    This is the third time we have bought a Nextbase player from 3wisemonkeys & the products get better & better. The Click system is so easy to use & now that the children are older they use their own DVD player in the house, as it comes with a mains supply lead. We have upgraded to the 9 inch screen from the previous 7 inch & with the new LED screen it is fantastic quality. The only gripe is that they both have a remote control & sometimes when one fast forwards etc it effects the other machine. The IR headphones are a must, but always carry a spare set of batteries with you – just in case.

    Enough about the product – I have nothing but praise for the service that 3wisemonkeys provide. Price-wise they cannot be beaten & their bundle offers are great, although this time the one we wanted was out of stock, so don’t leave purchase to the last minute like we did.

    Online purchase is easy, communications great & their delivery service, via DPD, is second to none. You are given a delivery date & on the day you receive an email telling you the hour slot it will be delivered in & who will deliver it. If you want, you get updated information as the delivery gets closer, via an online route map.

    With the second player we bought we had a faulty optional battery pack & this was sorted out immediately & without question.
    Very few things prompt me to post reviews but the continued good service from 3wisemonkeys has broken that.

    Buy with confidence.

  11. Shirley

    Really pleased with this purchase.

  12. David

    Good product, well designed & very neat & easy to install. Functions well & all packs away neatly in the carry bag provided.

    Sound is good quality & loud enough for non-headphone use even at motorway speeds, sound through headphones is excellent.

    3wisemonkeys provided excellent & concise advice prior to the purchase, followed my requests to the letter & delivered faultlessly on time. Their price was about £20 more than a comparative supplier, but I liked the chat I had with them & previous comments regarding their service, so spent the extra £20 for piece-of-mind.

    Very happy with the product & service received.

  13. Daniela

    Excellent service and quick delivery

  14. Kevin

    So far seems like a good product from my testing. The click and go system makes things much easier with less cables than my previous DVD system. It also means you can change the DVD without removing the DVD players (as I had to with previous headrest bag type of player).

    One word of caution… If you have a Volvo (I have an XC90) with immovable headrests in the driver/passenger seat, you will think all is lost, with no way to attach the stanchion mounts. However, i have found there is a hidden place in the seatback that will release the headrests. Look carefully underneath the headrest, and you will just see where the invisible poles of the headrest are; follow this down a foot or so vertically until you get to the seat pocket indentation, and push just below the first horizontal seam you come to. You feel your thumb pushes into the leather, and hear a little click. Do this whilst pulling the headrest up on that side; repeat for the other side. This allow you to pull the headrest up an inch or so, and attach the stanchion mounts to the poles. WARNING: I’m not sure if this constitutes a safety issue, since the headrests are now not fully secured, even though they would require some upwards force to come free. Do this at your OWN RISK, and try it before you buy to check you would be happy.

    One extra thing, if using wireless headphones, make sure the two players are set to separate IR channels (A and B). The person in the middle can then switch between these channels on the headphones, although the sound degrades every so slightly unless you lean a tiny bit towards the side you are listening to. My children didnt complain (once we’d got them on different channels), but it is apparent to me. If you lean the wrong way, or try to listen to the left one whilst sitting on the right, the sound starts to break up. I imagine they wouldn’t work from the 6th and 7th backrow seats very well, but haven’t tried. It comes with wired headphones as well, and they are the in-ear type.

    Sorry for the short novel, but its info that would have saved me a lot of time had I know it beforehand.

  15. Tracey

    Ordered these and received less than 24 hours later. So far so good. The kids love them and set up in the car was a piece of cake. Whilst these were the most expensive of the players I researched, I bought them purely due them being rigorously safety tested. If, as a result, it saves a child’s life then they are worth the money. Clear screen, ok volume and versatile. Bought the twin system so the little ones have the option of watching one or two films separately and this works well. However, maybe naively, I didn’t realise you could only watch the same film when set up in the car as the leads only go to into the stanchion mounts. Would love to know if there is a way round this that maybe I’ve missed as my two will on occasions want to watch the same film elsewhere, (also use them in our caravan)?

  16. Robert


  17. Marcin

    very good player

  18. Peter C

    Having done a lot of research on in car DVD players, comparing all features and reading reviews, this is where I landed. The stanchion mounting sold it to me, they are great and a nice touch are the magnets on the wires to keep them tidy. They are easy to set up, although the instructions regarding button operation could be clearer. Picture quality is good and the wireless headphones work very well. Will be on a 4 hour trip in a few days so this will be the real test. If there are any unexpected surprises I will let you know. All in all very good, I would recommend and next day delivery, parcel tracking from 3 Wise Monkeys, great service.

  19. Pete

    Firstly, speedy delivery, thanks so much. DVDs seem good, picture quality good. Stanchion mounts are brilliant and that’s what sold them to me, well worth the cost.
    Nice touch on the cables is the magnet so they attach to the base of the seat and the cables are kept tidy and out of the way. Instructions could be clearer, not too clear what some of the functions are are but common sense will see you through.
    Ability to play the same or different DVDS on both screens at the same time is good.
    Used on a return trip to Scotland (2 x 4 hours) and worked well. Just a technical glitch with one set of the provided headphones that we can’t get to work, need to look more closely.

  20. Andy

    These screens tick all the boxes! You can watch two different films or the same film on both screens. The brackets are secure and the screens fit on securely but are easily removed. The DVD is protected by an inner cover which remains in place allowing little fingers to change discs more easily and it allows the screens to be angled to suit the viewer. Infra red headphones completed the package and well worth the extra cash! My only complaint is that you can’t watch the same film on two different screens when running off mains power. Eg. Bunk beds. I overcame this in the caravan by wiring up a 12v cigarette lighter to the caravan battery.
    Very impressed by this product which made our 9hr car journey a pleasure. And whilst in-car TVs are a modern day evil, so are long car journeys.

  21. Nigel

    Excellent product which look classy in the back of my Range Rover. Good fitting, no skipping or rattling about.

  22. Martin

    Good sturdy DVD players, versatile in removing from car to use indoors. Recommend to anyone with children to keep happy on long car trips.

  23. Peter

    Surprisingly easy to set up – just a case of fitting the stanchions to the front headrests, clip the monitors onto the stanchions then plug in dual cable to stanchions and 12v supply socket.
    The picture is crystal clear and the sound is excellent if you are not using the headphones.
    My only beef is that the remote control buttons need very hard pressure to operate so young children might complain.
    Otherwise a brilliant piece of kit -the monitors can be detached after use and stowed away in the suppled carrying case.

  24. Peter

    Excellent piece of kit which was very easy to install in the car. I particularly like the ease with which the monitors can be unclipped with one button and stowed away in the supplied carrying bag.
    The quality of the picture and sound is very good. My grandkids like to watch seperate dvds with the supplied wireless headphones. The system can also be set up to watch the same movie on both screens.

  25. Sarah

    Really great product. So easy to fit. Keeps the little ones entertained on those long journeys. Glad we spent a bit extra on the click & go model – does exactly what it says on the tin!!

  26. David

    I purchased these to keep 3 young kids (6, 9 and 11) occupied during a 15 hour drive to the Alps to keep my wife and from being driven crazy by “Are we there yet” syndrome. They definitely did the trick – we couln’t believe it when we arrived at Eurotunnel in 4 hours with barely a peek out of them! Miraculously my daughter stopped complaining of tummy ache – which I now realise is just due to boredom on long drives – ie anything over 5 minutes!

    1. The mounts seem like good build quality and it’s easy to remove the players if necessary
    2. The cables system which both provides power and allows one film to be watched across 2 screens keeps cables to a minimum and the cables go direct to the mounts – keeping the cables as dicreet as possible.
    3. The screen quality is good.
    4. Can be used at the apartment/hotel using the red, white and yellow composite cable – though I would recommend also purchasing a composite to SCART adapter for TVs which don’t have a composite input. Having the duo pack also meant less arguments between the kids in the holiday apartment because in addition to connecting one to the apartment TV I had the other one available if one of the kids preferred a different programme or film. This works particularly well with headsets.
    5. Infa Red twin chanel wireless headset capability – a must! Our youngest in the centre was able to switch between either DVD player left or right by toggling the channel switch on his headphones.
    6. A/C power packs for using indoors meant the kids could watch films using the apartment TV

    1. The remote is pretty pointless as there is only one and it operates both DVD players without the ability to switch between them with a twin channel switch. This means that if you pause or rewind a film for example, it pauses or rewinds both films. This clearly has NOT been thought out!!
    2. There is no back up power whatsoever so as soon as you turn off the car the DVD players cease functioning. For the price this seems pretty dismal. For the next trip I’ll probably purchase the seperate battery pack.
    3. All the operating buttons are at the top of the player and at the rear. Given that you can not use the remote for the reasons explained above, this leaves you pressing buttons that you can not see and are difficult to reach and needing to memorise their functions. Fortunately I had run through functionality at home and memorised the button functions (4 buttons each with a left and right option) before we set off so I found myself explaining to my kids what to do as we drove. They did get the hang of it eventually, but buttons out of view and hard to reach doesn’t make sense to me when the remote is useless as it can not distinguish between the 2 players.
    4. It is not possible to swivel the mounts horizontally left or right – which would have been nice for the child in the centre to achieve a better viewing angle
    5. The carrying case which they are supplied with has no padding whatsoever so the slightest knock could risk damaging them – not good for electronic devices and LCD screens – I’ve learnt the hard way and always transport my laptop in a padded case these days. I could get seperate padded cases for the DVD players, but then they won’t fit in the carry case and I’d have to carry the DVD players and all accessories in seperate cases. Hassle!!
    6. You need to remember to purchase a twin 12v power socket otherwise you’re left without a supply to charge your mobile while your drive. It would be better to have a USB cable to charge from so you could use a twin USB 12v adapter which takes up less space.

    I didn’t really try it with the loudspeakers while driving as my kids almost always had 2 different films on the go at the same time. Also the sound quality in the wireless headphones was so much better that I couln’t imagine my kids wanting it any other way. In addition, the headphones allowed me and my wife to relax and chat whilst the kids giggled and chatted among themselves about the films they were watching in the back.

    I can not comment on the long term reliability yet.

  27. Lawson


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