Nextbase Click 9 Lite Duo Deluxe Power Pack

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  • The ultimate 9 inch twin player pack plus the best accessories
  • Click 9 Lite Duo Deluxe plus 2 * Click wireless headphones & 2 * Click battery packs
  • The only European crash tested and approved portable DVD

Product Description

The Nextbase Click 9 Lite Duo Deluxe Power Pack contains the twin 9 inch portable DVD player set – giving you the ability to play different movies on each screen or one movie across the two screens – plus the ideal extra accessories of 2 * Nextbase Click & Go battery packs and 2 sets of wireless headphones to ensure that you get maximum use and enjoyment from your system. The Click 9 Lite Duo Deluxe incorporates convenience via the integrated wireless audio transmitter for the wireless headphones included in this set and complete ease of use… and safety by utilising the patented Nextbase Click & Go headrest mounting system making the Nextbase Click & Go players the only European crash tested and approved portable DVD player systems.

The only European crash tested & approved portable DVD system
Nextbase have made intensive efforts to ensure that the Nextbase Click & Go range are the safest players available for in car use and by investing in R&D efforts along with lots of testing the Click & Go range are now the only European crash tested and approved portable DVD player available. Most players, in the event of a crash, can come loose in car and be extremely dangerous. However the Click & Go system utilised in the Nextbase Click 9 Lite Duo Deluxe is different in that it has been designed from the ground up to be crash test safe via strengthening using metal inserts through out the headrest mount and player and via the use of the Click & Go system.

Click 9 Lite Duo Deluxe Power Pack additions
The Click 9 Lite Duo Deluxe Power Pack extends the usage of your portable DVD players by including 2 * Nextbase Click & Go battery packs so that you can power each player for approx 2.5 – 3 hours each when away from car or mains power (batteries cannot be connected when players are attached to headrest mounts)…. plus also included in the Power Pack are 2 sets of dual channel wireless headphones to make use of the infra red wireless audio transmitters built in to the players so that for personal listening to your players there is no need for a cable between you and the player.

Neatest solution for in car… Stanchion mount included
With the power cable / interconnect cable attaching to the headrest mounts rather than the screens it means you can hide the wires in your car as the headrest mounts need not be removed from the car at all. Plus … the Click 9 Lite Duo Deluxe now comes with the upgraded stanchion mount headrest mounts included.

Click 9 Lite Duo Deluxe Power Pack total ease of use
The Click 9 Lite Duo Deluxe is extremely easy to use in and out of car. The Click & Go headrest mounting system allows you to simply slide the screens horizontally on to the headrest mount, once fully slid on the screen click locks in to place and powers up instantly. To remove simply press the unlock button and slide the player off of the headrest mount. No cables need to be attached or detached from the screens as the Click & Go system means that the power cable attaches to the headrest mount rather than the Click 9 Lite Duo Deluxe screens.

Crystal clear screen
The Click 9 Lite Duo Deluxe screens utilise the latest screen technologies to give you a crystal clear 9 inch LED TFT screen. The LED screen utilises the new LED back light technology to give greater brightness and contrast on screen ensuring you have a sharp, clear and bright picture whilst minimising power consumption.

Smooth playback with anti-skip circuitry
To ensure you get even playback on the Click 9 Lite Duo Deluxe player Nextbase have ensured antiskip circuitry is built in. Anti skip functionality is a necessity in any portable DVD to give smooth playback even when travelling over rougher, bumpier roads.

Multiregion and multi format
Being a multiregion player the Nextbase Click 9 Lite Duo Deluxe players can play discs purchased anywhere world wide and to give you as wide a functionality as possible the Click 9 Lite supports several formats on top of DVD discs including JPEG photos, MP3 and WMA music as well as DivX movies.

USB port
An integrated USB port featured on the side of the Nextbase Click 9 Lite Duo Deluxe players means you can play your music, photos or movies from USB memory stick.

Included accessories
2 * Nextbase Click 9 Lite Players, 2* AC/DC Mains Adapter, 1 * Remote Control, 2 * Earphones, Carrying Cases, Click & Go Car Headrest Stanchion Mounts * 2, Car Power / Interconnect Cable, 1 * AV Cable, Instruction Booklet, 2 * wireless headphones, 2 * Nextbase Click Battery packs.

Nextbase Click 9 Lite Duo Deluxe Power Pack specifications:

9” digital TFT screen with resolution 800RGB(W) x 480(H)
– Click & Go: intelligent car mounting system, just slip the player into the mount and the movie will play automatically
– Easy on-top buttons for control of the player (9 keys)
– USB port for PMP function: JPG/ MP3/ WMA/ MPEG
– Audio/video output, earphone output, DC 12V output
– 2 built-in stereo speakers
– 2-channel IR wireless audio transmitter
– Multi-language OSD: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Swedish
– Player dimensions: L268 x H183 x T44
Click 9 Lite Duo: Dual screen, play the same movies on 2 screens
Click 9 Lite Duo Deluxe Deluxe: Dual screen, watch different or same movies (as per item on this page)

17 reviews for Nextbase Click 9 Lite Duo Deluxe Power Pack

  1. Pete

    The product was delivered in very good time. For the price, the ‘deluxe power’ package is worth considering if you know you’ll end up needing the headphones and battery packs eventually, as cheaper than buying these separately, not least due to having to pay for p&p once only.

    The system does as it boasts and had our 2 mesmerised, happily watching Peppa Pig on the first long journey we used it for. You’ll need a separate audio cable with 3.5mm stereo jacks at either end to connect it to your car’s audio socket. This works well with rich sound output in dolby stereo via the car audio system. We found it quite disconcerting after a while however. This is where the wireless headphones came into play. They are soft and comfortable and adjust to fit our 2 and a half year old son’s head whilst also comfortably fitting an adult’s. They block out surrounding noise well, meaning a relatively low volume setting is fine at motorway engine speeds. The option of playing the same dvd between the 2 screens or separate dvds I am sure will come in handy as our kids grow older. We’re off to the continent in the summer and so are feeling a little more confident about the journey now. The battery packs will be useful on the 8 hour ferry crossing without doubt…

  2. Hayden

    Did what is says on the tin and kept the children happy for hours on a long journey. Thank you.

  3. Blanche

    Excellent service from 3wisemonkeys and fantastic in car dvd player. Relatively easy to install and once set up it was very easy to use. The click on and off system was great and took seconds – the dvds started playing from where they left off as soon as we started up the car again. Great carry bag and headphones. Would recommend!

  4. Ian

    Very good product, easy to assemble.
    Very quick delivery.

  5. grandma 2 four

    Grandchildren loved them as they could choose for themselves, which is handy when having a girl and boy. Did not hear a peep, only laughter. Having had a dvd player in our other car I can honestly say this is far more superior. But still think it’s expensive. Feel that £300 would have been enough.

  6. Sharon

    I have bought these for my 3 year old twins and have to say they were very impressed! Delivery service was excellent and received the day after ordering. From the start everything appeared to be good quality and I am very happy with the bag provided which keeps everything together. The mounts are simple to install and the click and go system makes it very easy. Great not to have to set up everything each time we get in the car. Cannot deny it is an expensive buy, however it is worth the money.

  7. mmc

    Bought these for driving down to the holiday park. Worked great, only a few niggles in that it doesn’t start from where it last left off. Would expect this when was playing from the memory stick but not the DVD disc.
    Had the files formatted in AVI and MP4 but some would not play. But customer support was good once I found out to convert them through DivX which I already had. Even managed to connect it via the tv using the AV lead that was supplied, which was a bonus. All in, very happy with this. Would recommend this to anyone and would definitely use 3wisemonkeys in the future.

  8. Mark Gatenby

    The system was really easy to install and setup. Both my children could watch a different movie, which is really useful with a 10 year old girl and 8 year old boy. Forget about the free DVDs though, it is strictly a gimmick and you get any old rubbish.

  9. Faith

    I definitely didn’t regret buying this kit. It delivered all that’s expected of it. Very handy, no fuss in starting it or setting it up. My children were impressed. I only have one “are we there yet?!” during the entire journey, while I had 5 or more before. Customer service was prompt and helpful as well, when I had a problem with its battery pack. I recommend this new generation kit!

  10. Emma

    Really happy with the product – I read a lot of reviews before deciding to buy this one & am totally not disappointed. We bought it for driving abroad, so kids were in the car a long time, but it was fantastic and I couldn’t fault it at all!!

  11. JENNY

    3wisemonkeys provided a great service. The product was exactly as described and delivered on time. I think this is a great product and would highly recommend it. I think this product is the best of it’s kind. My two kids enjoyed watching the same DVD, and then separate DVDs. The click mechanism makes it really easy to install. The only negative is that there is only one remote control and it is not that sensitive, which can get tricky when you are trying to use it on the move. Overall it is a great product.

  12. nicholas

    Arrived on Tuesday from a order placed that weekend, and straight in the car for a long journey, so not had much time to play with them before the kids got them!
    Biggest problem so far is the remote control, the buttons on the units are on the top so very hard for the kids to use so they need the remote, but 1 remote controls both units. You can imagine the hassle it causes when one changes disc presses play and ends up pausing the other unit!! But I will say they are far neater in the car and there is no hassle with the wires when getting out. Will probably get another set of the mounts for the wife’s car and then just interchange the units.


    As this has been bought for a Xmas present we have not tried it out yet, but I was very impressed with the swiftness of the delivery, the condition and packaging of the boxes was excellent, they arrived in perfect condition and I was thrilled with the overall purchasing experience. I will definitely deal with this company again, they are excellent.

  14. Camilla

    Great in car DVD player – easy to set up and use. Kids are happy when we have a long journey…endless peppa pig !! Picture quality is fantastic. Highly recommend for those that willing to pay a little more. You get what you pay for it seems ! Highly recomend

  15. Rebecca

    This was an extravagant purchase and I know there are many ways to entertain youngsters on long journeys… but this was absolutely worth the money!
    The equipment is well built, easy to use and fits securely so no worries about emergency braking.
    The dual DVD players run off one lead that goes into the cigarette lighter – simple. The headphones fit my 2yr old or an adult equally well and connect to either DVD player by an A/B switch on the side…simple again.
    The children can watch their own DVD or watch the same film which pleased them.
    TopTip – there is one remote which operates the player it is closest to – took me a while to figure out why I was accidentally pausing both players when sitting in the central seat!
    When the children asked if we were nearly there, we said no, then they cheered… that says it all!
    Happy children = happy parents.

  16. Simon

    Great product easily fitted and working in minutes which kept the two very happy for the journeys so far!

  17. Krzysztof

    If you would like to buy a little peace travellinig with children? This product is highly recommended.

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